LIKE MORRIS LIKE MOSES: A Personal Observation

“We are privileged this morning to have with us in this service, one of God’s veterans on the earth today, whose ministry, for the past 68 years has touched many lives across the nations of the earth…I’m sure most of us, if not all of us, must have heard the name Morris Cerullo. But this morning, it is our singular honour to have this worldwide acclaimed man of God, a miracle apostle of Christ, to minister to us of the grace that God has given him…I want you to please rise to your feet, and with the joy of Christ, welcome with me to this platform Dr. Morris Cerullo.”

With these words, the great man of God and a global messenger of Christ from the United States of America, was introduced to the Winners’ family on Sunday February 8, 2015 at Faith Tabernacle, Ota, headquarters of the Living Faith Church worldwide.

Every genuine Winner knows that Bishop David Oyedepo, the Founder and President of the Church, is not flippant with words. With the above words of introduction, the atmosphere in the church was super-charged while church members were expectant.

But when the great man of God who was a guest speaker at the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria 13th annual conference a few days earlier mounted the podium, members of the congregation got more than what they bargained for. First, he got members praising the name of the Lord when he hinted he would soon be celebrating his 84th birthday! An 84-year-old man bounced onto the podium with a youthful gait that reminds one of the story of Moses in the Bible who at a very old age, his eyes were not dim nor his physical strength abated.

Talk about the eyes; this octogenarian clutched a fairly big Bible and no one would have really bothered if he had pulled out a pair of glasses or even a magnifying lens from his pockets. No, he didn't. Throughout the short but powerful sermon, he kept reading from his Bible without squinting; effortlessly! Was I looking at Moses?
Then he threw a bombshell albeit a pleasant one. He and his wife Theresa (which he called MAMA just like we have our own Mama Faith) just celebrated the 63rd wedding anniversary. A loud clap offering was inevitable as it resounded round the Tabernacle.
From Papa’s introduction of this great man of God whom he referred as one of God’s veterans, we already knew that he has been in the ministry for 68 years. But not many knew before then that he got born-again at the age of 15, in a Moses-like encounter with God.   “At fifteen years of age, God came to me; I saw the presence of God that Moses saw. God said to me, ‘Jesus is your Messiah. And a little Jewish boy was born-again,” he continued in his stunning revelations. 
Immediately, I said to myself, “Like Cerullo like Moses.” But wait a minute, God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo also got born-again at the age of 15! What is with that age?

Throughout the short sermon, I was left in awe as regards his agility, choice of words, and how he lets go of his emotions when in the Spirit, as it were, overwhelms him – he doesn’t hesitate to burst into tears! Then his brief bio got my mouth agape: He lost his mother at the age of 2; his father was a drunk; he was raised in a Jewish orthodox orphanage; never went to any Bible school, etc, but this great God who does not choose the seemingly qualified but qualifies the ones He chooses, picked him up from that home for orphans, became his Father, and began to send him to nations to propagate the message of salvation with signs and wonders following.

The late Pa Sadella was still preaching at 114; Kenneth Hagin lived long before he went to be with the Lord; Pastor Adeboye is still waxing strong at 73; Kenneth and Gloria Copeland are well over 70 and are still depopulating hell for Christ. Bishop Oyedepo is connected to all of them, and I am connected to Bishop Oyedepo. God is not a respecter of persons. You catch my drift?

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