The year 2014 was declared as our year of Exceeding Grace. Papa said it shall be our year of Unspeakable Favour. But in 2013, I was on the line for miracle marriage and was privileged to attend a special miracle marriage service held on the 25th May, 2014 where Papa said the one appointed to you by God, your path must cross this month and I believed. That same day God opened my eyes to see my wife and almost 10years of marital spell was destroyed.
Also by divine positioning, Papa laid hands on my wife and me twice, first was on the 27th of April when we both attended another miracle marriage service.  God caused our path to cross in less than one month as declared. And the second was when we were privileged to have Papa pray for us upon graduation from miracle marriage class on June 1, 2014.

Then came my miracle marriage on June 7, 2014 clearly by the hand of God. But the forces of hell that had vowed they won’t see me get married came to my wedding, but they came very late because before they arrived, my wife and I had already been joined and had the best of reception. So they took my brother who came to celebrate with me captive. Report reached me that my brother was involved in a fight outside the reception venue and was picked up by the police. Four days later, report reached me that the person my brother fought with had passed on and my brother had been referred to homicide section with murder charges.

Then I referred to the Prophetic Focus for 2014, Exceeding Grace and prayed to God and said, “Lord, I did not go to kill anybody or wish anybody dead. I went to get married and you said ‘He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord and I believe it shall turn to me for a testimony.” Then came the last One Night With The King in 2014 and Papa instructed us to list the balance of our exceeding grace package and place it on the floor. I obeyed and the Holy Spirit said ‘Your brother is here now listening to me.’ After that service, my brother began to request for books to read. We sent him four books – Satan Get Lost, Conquering Controlling Spirits, Overcoming the Forces of Wickedness, and Born to Win, and thereafter, he began to make positive confessions for his freedom.

During Shiloh 2014, our Mama declared in her message that ‘every child of God whose parents are under the sound of my voice is free from whatsoever challenge in his/her life now’. I caught the word and rejoiced because my mother made it to Shiloh from the village and was right there with me. Then came the supernatural release of my brother one week later (December 20, 2014), who being a military personnel was being held in a military facility, and miraculously, someone looked at my brother and said ‘You are free to go; we don’t have any evidence to prosecute you; leave this place now so we can have some space to keep these other accused.” Today, Exceeding Grace answered for me, to God be the Glory.

Ernest E. Ele-Adu

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