“Faith is either absolute or fake; faith delivers ONLY to those whose expectations are ONLY from the Lord. He is a jealous God; you are either fully on God’s side or you are offside.” (Psalms 16:4)
“You don’t build faith in the day of trouble; you build faith against the day of trouble. What is in you today is what speaks for you tomorrow. If your strength fails in the day of trouble, then your strength is little.” [Prov.24:10]
“Engage faith-filled words; don’t allow your situation to pose as your portion. It is what you say that determines what you see. So, speak well, speak the right words, speak boldly…”

“Until the God of vengeance shows up, the enemy will never give up…You don’t wait for vengeance, you desire it, demand it, and decree it.” (Eccl.8:11)

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