"God Told Me What Will Happen This Year As Far Back As 2008" --- Bishop Oyedepo

 “Please bring your PVCs out so we can pray and then close. We are using the PVC as a point of contact for a most-quiet, peaceful and serene election. A crises-free, bloodshed-free, turbulence-free election. We have brought Nigeria to this place and on this covenant day of settlement, the destiny of Nigeria is settled here today. Prophetically, God is speaking to the destiny of Nigeria saying, ‘Go forward’. Nigeria will be marching forward from this election. In the name of Jesus Christ.”
The above was how Papa, as Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners’ Chapel is affectionately called by his members, led his congregation on a hot session of prayers for the forthcoming elections in Nigeria on Sunday March 22, 2015. The 60-year-old Senior Pastor of the Living Faith Church, as the church is also called, also shocked the congregation by revealing for the first time that God had told him about 2015 as far back as 2008. During a service themed “Covenant Day of Settlement,” the popular faith preacher hinted the crowd at the 50,000-seater auditorium of what he called the “dreadful things” that God showed him will happen in this country this year in 2008. However, the man of God also added that the prayers of ‘the saints’ in Nigeria had averted the danger that hitherto threatened the unity of the nation.

“I have been privileged to be one of those custodians of a secret concerning this nation. And I have been working with that since 1979. He (God) lets me know whatever He thinks I should know about the events coming. And in 2008, I saw very dreadful things about 2015. And that’s why we are standing in prayers, to avert unwanted occurrences. And I know He has heard our prayers. And as we pray again today, He will hear us,”
he said during one of the four services at Faith Tabernacle, Ota in Ogun State, headquarters of the ministry.
He then led his members in a five-minute prayer session for Nigeria ahead of the polls, urging the members to raise their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) ‘as a point of contact’.
“Every good thing you wish for Nigeria, lift your card and begin to pray your heart out right now. In the name of Jesus, because of the saints that dwell in Nigeria [the God of Genesis 18 is still alive; He said if I see 50 good people there I will spare]; for the sake of the saints, no blood shall be spilled in this election. Nigeria shall not go down into crisis. There shall be no inroad for ISIS in Nigeria. The victory God is giving us in the North-east today shall be perfected. It shall become history that some territories were taken in Nigeria.”
“God, let your peace reign supreme in our country before, during and after the forthcoming elections. Let there be no bloodshed; let only your choice emerge winner at all levels, prove that you rule in the kingdom of men and you give it to whosoever you will. The noise of war shall cease and shall be heard no more. In the name of Jesus Christ.”

He ended by raising a special prayer point, that whoever wins in the forthcoming elections will be filled with the wisdom to make peace with the losers to avoid trouble, noting that in a contest, there must be winners as well as losers.
“I’m not sure there is an elective post that has only one contestant, somebody must win. But the winners will possess the wisdom that will appease the losers and peace shall reign in our country. Angels of God will take position around the country; this election will be to the advancement of our nation. There shall be no setback in Nigeria, no working day shall be cancelled, no business will be shut, like a dream of the night, this election will come and go. There shall be no gunshots at any polling booth, no polling booth shall be bombed; no security agent shall die. We are for peace, we will promote peace, we will act peace, we will speak peace; Nigeria shall not go down. There shall be no curfew anywhere in Nigeria. In the name of Jesus.”
He then asked members of the congregation to echo the following after him:
“Say with me, Nigeria is rescued; Nigeria is saved; the future of Nigeria is secure; Nigeria shall not see war; Nigeria is going forward.”

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