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Dr. Morris Cerullo, was raised in a Jewish Orthodox Orphanage until the age of 14 1/2 when he gave his life to Christ.
Because of his faith, he was punished and eventually left the orphanage.

Since his call to the ministry at the age of 15, God has used Morris Cerullo to reach multitudes of people around the world in over half a century of ministry. To realize the impact of what this ministry has done is staggering. Consider:

Dr. Cerullo has ministered to innumerable multitudes of people face to face.

Miracle Crusades in which the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, and the Gospel is preached have reached up to 500,000 people in one service.

Dr. Cerullo has ministered in scores of countries on six continents in person, via satellite, television, radio and literature.

Over three million Nationals have been trained in his Schools of Ministry.

Dr. Cerullo has personally ministered to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and heads of state in many nations.

Morris Cerullo has written over 80 books, which have been distributed to millions, including spiritual classics such as: Proof Producers, Two Men From Eden, The New Anointing, You Can Know How To Defeat Satan, Son, Build Me an Army, Journey into the Promised Land: Daily Devotions for the New Millennium, God's Victorious Army Bible, Spiritual Warfare Financial Bible, Healing Bible, The Prophecy Bible and Financial Classic.

Ministering alongside Dr. Morris Cerullo for over 60 years has been his wife, Theresa. Theresa Cerullo is an energetic and effective part of the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism ministry, serving as the official Corporate Secretary/Treasurer. She is lovingly referred to as "Mama" by the millions of Nationals around the world.
In 1962, Dr. Cerullo realized there were more people alive around the world who had not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ than could possibly be reached by any ministry through the traditional Missionary approach.

He realized the key to reaching the world was to train Nationals to reach their own people—Africans reaching Africans, Asians reaching Asians, and South Americans reaching South Americans, etc.
This vision and specific call from God has resulted in an Army of the Body of Christ being raised up to reach their nations. They number over one million seven hundred thousand strong, as of this writing.

The plans of the ministry have a specific objective of training Nationals on a regular monthly basis and reaching our inner cities for God. All the parts of the ministry fit together to make World Evangelism a mighty combination reaping the end-time harvest.

We are laborers together with Morris and Theresa Cerullo. Both frequently point out that this is not their ministry, but that it is our ministry ... including all the staff and partners. We are a spiritual family we have a spiritual relationship and demonstrate love, goodness, gentleness, and kindness even beyond natural relationships.

In 1988, The Holy Spirit planted the challenge in Morris Cerullo's heart to launch a new era of intensification to reach the lost ... to reach a billion people with the Gospel by the end of the year 2000.

To fulfill God's Plan, Brother Cerullo launched:

A New Era for strengthening the Body of Christ. God's Army must be mobilized by becoming soul-winning soldiers, ministering recruiters, and home front suppliers of the tools and weapons of spiritual warfare.

A New Era of Evangelism is sweeping through the world ... building God an Army ... training Nationals ... each one reaching one ... house to house, every person being a minister, working in tandem with worldwide communications technology. Together, we will reach the world with the Gospel by the end of year 2000!

In 1999 Dr. Cerullo launched The Decade of Harvest, a worldwide intensification of evangelism and training.

We all share a vital role with Dr. and Mrs. Cerullo, in taking the message to the world that Jesus Christ is "The Resurrected Son of the Living God" and that His Resurrection power will meet each person at the point of his/her need.

Morris Cerullo World Evangelism is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of six (6) committed and dedicated Christian men and women with a common goal and vision to reach the lost of this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Morris Cerullo World Evangelism is known as the ministry upon which the sun never sets! At any given time, on any given day, somewhere in the world, ministry is going on under the banner of MCWE.

Over the years, Dr. Cerullo has established and maintained tremendous relationships with "his sons and daughters in the Gospel" and his preaching, teaching, training, prophetic ministry and counseling is in great demand around the world.

This vision of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism is manifested in eight ministries of caring:

Worldwide Crusades and Foreign Schools of Ministry

North American & International Schools of Ministry

God's Victorious Army members, Monthly Training publication, and Global Prayer Covering Ministry

Global Satellite Network

Worldwide Christian Television

Worldwide Jewish Outreach

Worldwide Literature Ministry

Online Institute of Ministerial Studies (

In addition to our international headquarters Mission Control Center, here in San Diego, California, MCWE maintains active offices in Dallas, Texas; England, Canada, and Holland.


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