JUST FOR THE RECORD: What Do You Gain By Spreading Falsehood?

Our attention has been drawn to a statement credited to the President and founder of the Living Faith Church worldwide, also Known as Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, which has gone viral. He was reported to have made the statement last Sunday when the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan came to worship at Faith Tabernacle, which is the headquarters of the ministry. 

The falsehood that is being spread around by mischief makers is that the Bishop, while praying for the President, said, “I will open the gates of hell to anyone who oppose you.” A little later, some others who in an attempt to “defend” the Bishop, came up with another quote purportedly said by Dr. Oyedepo, which is: “I will open the gates of hell to those who oppose the peace of this nation.”

Well, let’s set the records straight: The Press and Publicity Unit of the church, publishers of Faith Tabernacle News, was at the 3rd service and recorded (on tape), the President’s 6-minute speech, the congregational prayer for him and the Bishop’s blessing on the President.

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, who is also the presidential candidate of the ruling party – the PDP, came to the church as the President of this country, not as a candidate in the forthcoming elections. And Bishop Oyedepo prayed for him, as instructed in the Bible book of 1 Timothy 2:1-2, as the President of Nigeria not as a PDP standard-bearer.


Even though we have published it on this platform, for those who are yet to read it, these were the exact words spoken by the Bishop while he was leading the congregational prayers for the President. As always, he took his bearing from the Word of God: 
“1st Timothy 2:1-2: I exhort you therefore, that first of all, supplications, prayers and intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men.” Then on the priority list is “For kings and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty."
"I only had an idea of the President’s visit just yesterday. It wasn't there last Friday when we had the One Night with The king. So we are going to be praying for our President. Let prayers and supplications and intercessions be made for all men; first of all, for kings, and for them that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

And after that I will do what the priests are asked to do. It says “Speak to Aaron, that after this manner shall ye bless.” Proclaim blessings as a priest of God over our President, and the blessings will answer, in the name of Jesus Christ.

In Numbers 6:23-26, The Lord said to Moses and the children of Israel saying “On this wise shall ye bless the children of Israel saying: The Lord bless thee and keep thee; the Lord make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee; The Lord lift His countenance upon thee and give thee peace.”

When that blessing comes to stay, something happens. You see, the generation of the Old Testament knew the value of blessings; they would even cry for it. Every blessing proclaimed upon you today must answer on your life.

I like us to be on our feet and lift the President up to God. Whatever you desire to see God bring about in his life; bring about in our nation, begin to pray that prayer right now.

Father, release your grace upon the President to manage the demands of his office. 

Release unusual grace in increasing dimensions, to manage the demands of his office.

Cause your face to shine upon him. 

Lord, grant the desires of his heart. 

Grant Nigeria peace. 

Under him, grant Nigeria greater advancement. 

Thank you father, in Jesus’ name we pray.”


“This entire church proclaims the President blessed today

Blessed with divine wisdom to manage the demands of his office

Blessed with keys to see the miraculous in his life

Blessed with grace that will advance His cause in our nation

Every time we pray here, God hears. The Bible says “Wherever 2 or 3 are gathered, I’m there in their midst, and if we agree concerning anything, it’s done for us." Therefore, in the name of Jesus, our President is declared blessed. 

His going out is blessed, his coming in is blessed. 

The will of God is blessed in his life. 

Thank you father, blessed be your name, in Jesus precious name.”

And the whole congregation shouted “Amen.” That was it!


1. There was no mention of “hell” in the prayer

2. There was no mention of “the gates of hell” in the prayer

3. There was no mention of “opposition” or “oppose” in that prayer

4. It is very clear that these mischief makers where waiting for an opportunity, which presented itself in President Jonathan’s visit to the church in the heat of the campaigns. And with what we have seen, most politicians can do just anything to whip up sentiments and score cheap political points.

5. The church has never been involved in partisan politics but has been prayerfully active in ensuring that the Nigerian ship doesn't sink

6. The church has always obeyed the biblical injunction to pray for those in authority and the “peace of Jerusalem.”

7. This is not an attempt to defend the church or Bishop Oyedepo, as we already know that no matter how far a lie has travelled, the truth will definitely overtake it.

8. This is also not an attempt to defend God, because the Almighty God is more than able to defend himself.

9. As you read this, no one has even called to confirm from the ministry the veracity of this claim and a video recording of the service which is equally online has been labeled “doctored” by those who are bent on dragging the name of the church into partisan politics.

10. For the record, this is exactly what happened; whatever is being peddled was obviously created by those who want to benefit politically from the controversy; and promoted by bloggers who want to drive traffic to their sites; and spread by those who already think they have an axe to grind with their perceived lifestyle of Bishop Oyedepo.

Jesus is Lord!




  2. The question is should a man of God be found romancing with a corrupt politicians? First Bishop was sighted with the president in Jerusalem, second he served as guarantor for the president at the meeting with Obasanjo, among other meetings to Aso Rock. He's certainly benefiting from the corrupt government that has impoverished the people of Nigeria. Oyedepo himself is corrupt. How come he's barred from entering the UK?

    1. My question to you is how come Buhari is hooked with a Pastor? He is muslim and runs with a christian. Legalistic people like you should be off social media. It's unfortunate that so many Nigerians don't use their brains to think things through before passing judgement. Why shouldn't he be sighted with the president? Isn't the president supposed to have family and friends? Must they share his ideals to be his friend? Please stop being unrealistic 'anonymous' and hiding behind social media to destroy the peace of a multi-cultural, multi-religion country like Nigeria.

    2. Thank you Bunmi, i cant waste my time typing a response to a people like this. their ignorance and stupidity just hurts! it shows there is so much work still to be done to encourage Nigerians to use their brains more often.
      Buhari was in the same service with Pastor Adeboye earlier this year, can you then conclude that he too is corrupt?
      even the president said he wont say too much so that they dont think he want to campaign. yet people still find faults in the man of God?

      Common sense is not common!

    3. That guy no get sense now. Just let him talk. He just bought TECNO phone

    4. You be confirm MUNTULA. You better dey manage your TECNO phone.

    5. Never mind the guy,you better watch what you say and be eating whatever comes your way jeje, don't incur the wrath of God upon yourself and yours. BIG MOUTH

  3. Thank u Bunmi. Even if the president is corrupt, should we not encourage his association with the man of God to see if he can be influenced positively.

  4. Well, children of God, don't be move by this, its just a means of God advertising His grace upon my Bishop and nothing can stop that, God can decide to use fools like those behind this falsehood to propergate His gospel to some people that doesn't know what He (God) is doing through His servant, by now, many people have opportunity to listen to message of that Sunday and be blessed by it, my Bishop is not disturb at all because He have the backing of God in His life, hallelluyah to Jesus, the church of God is moving forward faster and gate of hell have no power over the church, I'm glad that Jesus lives, peace unto you all

    1. very stupid indeed, your bishop is advocating evil and your there promoting what he said. ask yourself this question, will Jesus take this kind of action? your prophet is a very arrogant, evil and corrupt!

    2. You are an idiot to talk evil of the man of God

    3. Why would you allow blogs and tweets to replace your brains.
      However, what will Jonathan or any man on earth give Bishop Oyedepo that he doesn't have 100 folds of same. We lend to nations, we build the old ruins, small one among us is a strong nation and a little among us is a thousand. We are obviously envied and we are not moved, however, watch it so you don't attract curse. -Wale Adereti

  5. Its very interesting how the person who published this statement and never seen to address the few statement the bishop mentioned about killing any person that resembles boko harams, cut of there head and spill there blood on the floor and don't inform the authorities! Why would a servant of the Most High advocate violence and evil acts! Please could you defend this statements your bishop have addressed to his congregation. The Bible I read does not teach us such evil act! Bishop, if you want to go into full time politics, I think you have enough resources to do so! I'm absolutely disgusted by even with the way GEJ sat there and said nothing!

    1. You have to quote to the letter, if you're going to quote anyone. You just added again " anyone that resembles BH" are those the words? My mallam @d gate, suya vendor etc could easily pass fir that. Why do you take relish in attacking personalities you can't match? What is BH fighting? They want to rule, make their own sect of Islam reign, claim they are born to rule? The least church can do is to pray for the destruction of BH and end to their activities. You can bless BH if you like.

  6. watch the clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMtkqbGcDFY - Kill boko haram??? bishop did you hear from God that this is the route to take also?
    why will you pray or even think it to break NIGERIA????? I'm so disappointed in this so called bishop! Every evil agent of pastors that are in power today, be destroyed in Jesus Name! you catach anyone that looks like them (BH) kill him, pull out his neck; there is no reporting to any body and spill his blood on the ground. prophet of dooom!

  7. Many of my friends have been asking me of what I need to say about Bishop Oyedepo and his statements regarding his support of GEJ. I am going to make my speech short and brief with some basic facts to educate and re-educate us all....

    Fact 1.....Bishop Oyedepo is a Nigerian and has a right to vote and to freedom of speech.

    Fact 2....Bishop Oyedepo is a spiritual leader and must guide all those who belong to his fate, if he does not do this, he would be asked later...

    Fact 3...When you separate religion from politics, whoever ascends the throne is a MONSTER!

    Fact 4...If you don't believe your spiritual leader when it comes to politics, then you are not a true believer. You should also not believe your spiritual leader concerning any other thing. I wonder why we Christians claim all prophecies from spiritual leaders from the alter and when it comes to politics we ask them to stay away? That means you are indirectly saying GOD should stay away from politics. Have you forgotten so soon that GOD himself is interested in politics. Go through your bible again and tell me where in Israel that prophets are separated from Israel Leader. Deborah lead the Israelite...she was a prophet of God.

    Fact 5....Nigerians has two major religion which are CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM. These two religions has the highest population in Nigeria. If Obasanjo says you should not let any spiritual leader tell you who to vote for,then all Christians should not vote and all Muslims should not vote too and let idol worshipers vote the candidate of their choice and lets see what will happen. I cant blame him [Obasanjo ], he just went to theology school to get certificate and has a shallow understanding about religion and politics. I did a thorough research on the children of Isreal and their leaders and prophets assigned to them and if you care, you can visit this link to know more http://www.bcbsr.com/survey/kp.html . You cant separate pastors or spiritual leaders or religion from the throne, if this happens, then the people are doomed because a Leader that has no regard for your religion will have no regard for your prophets, and will have no regard for you the massess practicing the religion and will deal treacherously with the masses and even more than King Nebuchadnezzar. When Abacha ruled this country, he was surmountable except by GOD and if you all keep saying that Oyedepo is wrong for saying who people should vote for, it was this same Oyedepo that publicly declared war against Abacha on the alta and Abacha was brought down by God.

    Now, on the rumor that Britain banned Oyedepo from coming to U.K , who is Britain to place a ban on Gods prophet. Leaders that did that to Gods servants in the Bible ended up being destroyed. Oyedepo does not need Britain, it is Britain that needs Oyedepo. After all , they have legalized gay marriage and sanctioned Nigeria that is against Gay marriage. Who is Britain, ''NONSENSE''...they are the architect of what we are passing through in Nigeria since amalgamation and they just sit back , relax and watch as we battle ourselves. They knew Nigeria shouldn't have existed as a nation, but because of their own selfish interest, they amalgamated us to cause trouble for us when they know that they couldn't achieve their plans anymore due to the intense pressures from the nationalist demanding for freedom and independence.

    Any Christian who is a bigot to Oyedepo statement about presidential nominees is not yet a Christian! He or she is nothing but an agnostic tattletale!

  8. Thank you for the above clarification. But it is pertinent to state that we as a church must not dabble into politics, but we are threading on the murky water of politics, we are becoming partisan. We praying personally for the family of the president, we altering political statement " Why will some people claim they are born to rule" "Lord, if it is your will to break up Nigeria, break it now....
    Must the north continue to rule?. All these statement coming from the alter are termed political. My prayer is that God will give his servant wisdom to manage the work of God and not fall for the antics of the politicians

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