Bishop Oyedepo Challenges Church Members

It is no longer news that the annual 21-day prayers and fasting season as observed by members of the Living Faith Church ends on January 25, 2015. What is however news is how the

Presiding Bishop of the church, David Oyedepo threw a challenge to members of his congregation during the last Wednesday evening service. In his characteristic frank and hit-the-nail-on-the-head approach to preaching God’s word, the Apostle of faith reiterated the need to maximize the remaining days of the fasting and prayers season, and also clearly spelled out how to go about it, warning members not toil with the remaining days of the period as it was not too late to have all their prayers answered. 

“What have you seen as compared to what you set out to get from the beginning of this season?” he asked rhetorically. “Today (Wednesday) is the 17th day; it is not too late, you only need to sleep less,” he thundered, emphasizing the need to make use of the night hours during the period.

The senior Pastor of the church, in a rather humorous manner, urged the congregation to try a different approach to prayers to ensure that no prayer request on their list escapes God’s intervention, if their previous ones were not yielding the desired results. “You must change that prayer pattern that has not changed anything,” he warned. “If you were praying in the bedroom before now or on top of your bed, it is time to move to the sitting room,” he continued. 

He ended by raising a very powerful prayer point that bothers on drawing from the praying grace of Jesus when He walked the earth over 2000 years ago, maintaining that such a grace guarantees speedy answers to prayers and change of levels. “Ask for the Jesus order of praying grace. Anytime Jesus prayed, He changed levels; you must change levels this time,” he bellowed. “All the change of levels of Jesus came as a result of prayers,” he continued. Then the Bishop asked the question, “Do you want a change of levels? Go and pray; wear your shorts tonight and pray the wrestling kind of prayers,” he ended, quoting the Bible book of Genesis 32:28ff.

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  1. why is he pointing his evil finger??? talk about body language. the money has really gone into this man's head!


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