Thousands Turned To Christ @ Shiloh 2014

The purpose for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to this world which is to save His people from their sins was further rekindled on Thursday 11th December 2014.At the end of encounter night teaching titled "heralding the era of Heaven on earth,Bishop David Oyedepo,president of the Living Faith Church made an altar call where people who have hitherto not repented, or who backslided after repentance.On the third day of Shiloh 2014, the annual gathering of the Winners' family, the same altar call was made as usual but this time, it was a boisterous crowd of worshippers that were seen rushing to the altar when the presiding Bishop,urged them to come to the alter instead of the usual standing standing along the isle. In his words, heaven on earth is a reality for those who choose to be translated. The minister who preached a sermon titled: "Heralding The Era of Heaven on Earth", asked them to run to the altar for a life-changing experience.

In what appeared like a rapid response to Papa's altar call, men, women, boys, girls, old and young were seen on their heels heading for the altar for a believer's most important decision - to get saved. Suffice to say here that the apostle of faith, Dr. David Oyedepo was practically on fire throughout the service. And it looked like the fire was transferred to the congregation, hence the sea of heads that gave their lives to Christ as well as those who rededicated their's.
From all indications, many participants at Shiloh 2014 are leaving no stone unturned to have a heaven-on-earth experience.

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