Our Way Of Greeting Has Changed!

Winners @ Shiloh 2014
Since the impartation service of Shiloh 2013 when the prophetic theme of 2014 was announced, when two Winners met each other or talked on phone, they would exchange pleasantries with "Exceeding Grace", with a response of 'Strange Works." But that has changed since the impartation service of Shiloh 2014 when the President and Founder of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo unveiled the prophetic theme of 2015 on December 13, 2014. "Therefore, the prophetic theme of 2015 is 'Heaven on Earth," the Bishop announced last Saturday amidst shouts of joy from the congregation. And as usual, that automatically became the Winners' way of greeting.

The initial response to was to be "That's my portion" as announced by Papa last Sunday during the 1st service which doubled as Shiloh 2014 thanksgiving service. However, as one who constantly hears from the Holy Spirit, Papa swiftly adjusted the response to "Wonders Without EndThat is my new realm and your new realm!"

So, the next time you meet a fellow Winner or call them on the phone, your first greeting should be, "Heaven on Earth." If their response does not correspond to the above, don't worry, they just might be among those who attended the 1st and 2nd service last Sunday. Tell them the current one and also tell them that it was changed last Sunday by the prophet in the house. After all, Papa urged those who were present at the 3rd service to spread the message. So, from all us at the Press & Publicity Unit, Faith Tabernacle, it is "Heaven on Earth."
You know how to respond, don't you?

Drop your comments below, and remain blessed!

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