God's Agenda For Winners In 2015, According to Bishop Oyedepo

The annual 'convocation' of Winners, Shiloh 2014 by the Living Faith Church worldwide came to a close today Saturday December 13, 2014. The President and founder of the Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, rounded off the programme with prophetic declarations for the year 2015, which has been a tradition in the more-than-a-decade-old ministry as the end of one Shiloh has come to represent the beginning of another year, irrespective of the date. Reeling out the declarations for 2015, the grandfather preacher described 2015 as one where giants would rise up in all sectors of human endeavour.
  • "2015 shall be a year with clear distinctions;
  • In 2015, nobody will doubt those who serve God;
  • It will be clear that we are only in the world, not of the world;
  • In 2015, my God will wipe away all your tears;
  • There shall be no occasion for mourning or weeping;
  • Throughout 2015, you are not permitted to bury anyone in your life because there shall be no more death.
  • In 2015, some things that cause you sorrow will be far from you.
  • In 2015, you will not need any medication to be healthy.
  • Your night season is over.
  • God will be all you need for triumphant life, victorious living all through 2015.
  • There shall be a rise of many giants – giants in all sectors of human endeavor.
  • There shall be a sudden rise of giants in Zion.
  • Men like nations will rise in the year 2015.
  • Men that will command attention of many nations shall arise in 2015.
  • God has brought us into the realm of heaven on earth, where men will live like angels.
  • I release you into your season of exploits."
Before unveiling the theme of the year (2015), as is the custom with the church, Papa also described 2015 as  a year where there shall be a rise of international and intellectual giants.

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