Bishop David Abioye Speaks!

“I can’t stop appreciating the privilege I have to be sent to bring God’s word. Actually, my mandate has been to serve God’s servant, but
somehow, he keeps saying, ‘Go and preach.’ God didn’t send me to preach; some people might not feel good about that because they’d say if He didn’t send you to preach, why are you preaching? The man behind me is the one asking me to preach. God actually sent me to serve him. I know my assignment; I know my mandate. God sent me to serve him; he sent me to preach. And the first day he asked me to preach in 1980, I said no, I’m not here to preach, and he has not allowed me to rest since then.”

      Bishop David Abioye #Shiloh 2014


  1. PLEASE!!!! I like to know if any of these is REAL on Facebook. "Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo and Faith Abiola Oyedepo" PLEASE REPLY

  2. The Official Facebook Page is David Oyedepo Ministries (


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