No One Had Ever Succeeded In My Family. But...

Financial Turnaround via Shiloh Sacrifice!

“I was a nonentity when I joined this great Commission, and no one had ever succeeded in my family. But today, God has used me to bless so many people around me, both in Mexico and Nigeria.

During Shiloh 2012, I emptied my bank account for Shiloh sacrifice and I tagged a plot of land which I owned in my hometown Delta state to that. 

Today, God has done it; He gave me a fully furnished house and has made me a surprise to my own nation. 

Also in February this year, I connected to the Marital Breakthrough Service held at Faith Tabernacle via my personal computer in Mexico. The Bishop said that we should dance as though we were dancing in our traditional marriage. I didn't know how it all happened. I returned to Nigeria in April for my introduction and on December 28, 2013 we would be getting married. Here is the wedding card!” 

---- Ofoku Bright Kelechi

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