Direct From Papa's Books #3

Punchy and powerful quotes of Bishop David Oyedepo, from one of the books of the month of November, “Walking In The Newness of Life.”

“When Israel left Egypt and journeyed to the Promised Land, the highest number of people slain was through sexual immorality. Paul in his writing told us that 23,000 men fell n one day because of fornication…From bible records, this was the highest number of casualty throughout their journey…Immorality will take its toll among people this end-time also. It is therefore important to choose this day where you will be.” (Page 24)

“Sexual immorality is a very powerful weapon of the enemy. With it he has destroyed several glorious destinies. Yours will not be one of them in Jesus’ name.” (Page 25)
“Why must you carry Naaman’s leprosy when your destiny is to have twice Elisha’s unction?” (Page 30)
“Why must you destroy your destiny on the laps of Delilah, when the whole earth is waiting for your manifestation?” (Page 26)
“I might not know what the sin unto death is, but I know the sin that kills people. The next immorality you get into, having read what you are reading now, may land you in AIDS, an incurable and destructive disease that kills, so watch it!” (Page 27)

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