TAKE ME TO THE KING... And my broken heart will be mended (A Poem)

My heart is very weary
And almost bleeding
I'm in need of mending
This world has dealt me a blow
I'm struggling to stand
But take me to the King!

The economy is depressing
Loan facility is killing
Profit making is sinking
All alone in my misery
Just take me to the King!

Ten years I have waited
Nothing to show forth
The babies refuse to come through
I’ve cried all through, night and day
The pain in me keeps increasing
Please take me to the King!

Daily, people keep asking
When will it be your turn to marry?
Seems like ancestral curse is working
In all my frustration
Take me to the King!

Leave me there alone
Just to gaze upon His glory
And my broken heart will be mended
All the pains will be gone
I’m in the presence of The King!

                                             ... Ukoni Sophia... 

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