The second message came from the widow of the late Benson Idahosa, Archbishop Margaret Idahosa of the Church of God Mission with headquarters in Benin, the Edo State Capital.  She said, 
“Greetings to everyone who have come to celebrate a man whose life and work transcend generations. We were driving in and I said Covenant University will remain until Jesus comes. I have known the celebrant for years before my husband went to be with the Lord. At the funeral, many people came to tell me, ‘Dr. Margaret, don’t worry, when you need anything, just call us.’ I have seen many faces, but the face of the celebrant has not changed; it remains the same, and as a matter of fact, it has become stronger. There’s a covenant that he and the Idahosas cut. And I say that a covenant does not end with those that you covenanted with. Even though my husband is no longer here, these two that are seated here today are here and they have stood by me and are still standing by me. I want to say to you sir may you continue to lead a fruitful life that will continue to touch lives.”

Continuing, she said, 
“Archbishop Benson Idahosa is no longer here but you are here. And by the time we check out or step aside, the covenant continues. One of my children is here – Daisy Idahosa – and she is sitting with the fruit of this covenant. And I believe when we are no longer here, you all will keep the covenant going. I pray for increase for the celebrant: increase in anointing, increase in fellowship, compassion, focus, and as the minister of agriculture said earlier, everything that this man has touched has prospered. And I pray that this prosperity continues until Jesus comes.”

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