It was the Almighty God himself who said in Genesis 2:18, that “…It is not good that the man should be alone. I will make him a help meet for him.” By the grace of God, the union between the president and founder of the Living Faith Movement, Dr. David Oyedepo and his HELPMEET, Pastor (Mrs) Faith Oyedepo, is a testimony to this verse of the Bible. Despite several seemingly unpalatable experiences, Mama, Oyedepo’s wife is fondly called, stood by her “crazy” fiancé who later became her equally “crazy” husband. But today, no one is in doubt that indeed, this union was ordained from heaven. Below are a series of events in the lives of these blessed couple who weathered the storms together and have now become a force to be reckoned with globally. You are permitted to laugh out loud at some of the stuff you are about to read! Let’s go!!  

-Papa met Mama at a motor park by divine arrangement when both of them were embarking on separate journeys and God told him That is your wife.” 
-Faith Abiola was a university student (OAU) while he was in the polytechnic (Kwara Poly) 

-His friends complained he was carrying God on his head too much and was too zealous; she also joined him to become zealous. 
-He entered into a covenant with God in 1976 to serve Him wholeheartedly despite the circumstances and made her to sign if she was still willing to marry him and she gladly did. 
-He told her before he married her that God had sent him to liberate the world and went on to resign his job to fully focus on his call, friends and family lambasted him but she believed him and stood by him. 
-On the eve of his wedding, he slept in his rickety Volkswagen beetle car because he was too “rich” to pay for a hotel, yet she married him. -He told her God told him a 50,000-seater capacity ‘tent’ would be built when they were still eating in plastic plates. She believed him. 
-He told her God told him in a vision he would fly in jets to preach the gospel to the nations of the world while he was still driving a beetle car, she believed him. 
-During a moment of daring faith, he ordered a mad man to be put in his car while she was heavily pregnant; she trusted his faith and remained. 
-During her pregnancy, she told him she had a miscarriage; he screamed “it cannot happen, can I have my food please?” She served him his food and the baby was born despite the devil’s report. 
-She had just had their first baby and there was no food or money at home at the time. He refused to borrow or take the church’s money. They fed on CERELAC (baby food) for 3 days. 
-People kept praying for her and the husband that they needed deliverance because of her trust and belief for the call of God upon his life.

-She didn't know he would pastor the world’s largest church auditorium when she met him. 
-She didn't know God would make them envy to the world and fly in private jets!
-She did know he would be hosted by presidents and heads of nations-She didn't know he would be the chancellor and pioneer of one of the best private universities in Nigeria setting a new pace for education. 
-She was attacked by the devil and confined to a wheel chair but he loved her and went around Africa winning souls for Christ because he knew the God that called him is too faithful to fail since he was attending to Jesus’ business, Jesus would attend to his business. She woke up one morning in the USA during her ordeal, and met him by her bedside on his knees praying “Lord heal her and prove that you sent me.” She was healed. 
Today, Bishop Oyedepo celebrates 60 years of God’s faithfulness on his life and a large part of those years, he has had (and still has) his companion and help-meet solidly and prayerfully standing by him.

Happy 60th Birthday Papa!!!!

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