“Until God fails, the Word cannot fail, and until the Word fails, anyone living by the Word cannot fail.”

Sunday, June 1, 2014, heralded the mysteries of the ‘Midst of the year’ in the Living Faith Church Worldwide in line with Habakkuk 3:2-19.
Dr. David Oyedepo, Presiding Bishop of the commission in the first teaching for the month unveiled the wonders in the Word of God.
He said, “God’s Word is pregnant with wonders and until we search them out, we may never benefit from the blessings they carry,” adding that every true revelation from the Word empowers the receiver to obey. 
Concerning Joseph, it is written that until the time that his word came, the Word of the Lord tried him. But when his word came, everything turned around for him overnight; and the eleventh patriarch was crowned the Prime Minister of the land (Psalm 105:17-22).

 “So, access to God’s Word is vital to our enthronement,” the clergy further posits. Therefore, no matter how dead a man’s situation may be, an encounter with the Word of God will restore full life back to it. Among others, the Word has power to heal and deliver. It also has the power to deal with any situation, no matter the root.
The wonder of supernatural victory is domiciled in the Word. The Word is spirit and no demonic force withstands it. For instance, when Jesus engaged the sword of the Word on the mountain of temptation, Satan fled.
Supernatural breakthrough is also embedded in the Word of God. This is because you can be free from the attack of the enemy but still be stagnated. So, you need the Word for continuous advancement in your life.
God’s Word also creates solutions supernaturally because it carries the genes of signs and wonders. According to the story of creation, the world was in chaos but God spoke the Word and recreated it. 

By Sophia Ukoni

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