"O Lord, settle me this month" is one prayer that is not far from the lips of many a Christian. From the man who has toiled all year with nothing to show for it to the man who has been a Christian for many years with no visible proofs, the quest for divine settlement is alive in the life of many believers.
But who is qualified for divine settlement? If it must come from God, then how can it be coveted? What makes a man ripe for divine settlement? And why are many who claim to be followers of Christ not divinely settled? This question formed the thrust of the message of God's servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, during one of the services on Sunday June 8, 2014.

Speaking on the running topic of the month, "Experiencing the Wonders in the Word," Papa reminded worshippers that every believer determines what obtains in his life. "You are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life...No matter how gifted you are, if you're not studious, you end up a failure."
Decked in his characteristic white suit, the man of God carefully unveiled to the 50,000 and more members of the audience how a man can qualify for the settlement of God.
According to the 59-year-old father of four, a man is not ready for divine settlement if he is not born-again. "Settlement is God's provision for the redeemed." Another qualifier for divine settlement is word search. Taking his bearing from 2Pet1:2 and Ps.119:165, he thundered: "Go after the word - peace multiplies by knowledge".
Not through yet, the bishop, now sweating profusely, gave another prerequisite for settlement - be planted in God's house. The grandfather also said "Blessed are they who ‘dwell’, not they that ‘visit’. Become an established member of God's family because Zion is the mountain of illumination" (Ps.84:4; 92:13 and Obadiah 1:17).
The architect-turned-preacher gave yet another quality of a man who wants God's settlement, namely - making a choice to serve God no matter what:"Serving God is not a calling; it is not a gift; it is a choice and when you make a choice to serve God, He makes a vow to set you free."
In closing the service which also doubled as the monthly communion meeting, the senior pastor reminded all attendees of the mysteries embedded in the communion - the body and the blood of Jesus. "The communion is an all-purpose drug; it is the only treatment for death. It is the miracle meal that neutralizes every poison and corrects every hormonal imbalance."
The foremost apostle of faith stated that each time a believer takes the communion in faith, it goes on rampage in our body, combating everything that fights our body physically or spiritually.
As we enter another week in the land of the living, one important question we must ask ourselves then should be, "am I qualified for God's settlement?" Well, the answer is between you and God as you are "absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life." Be the man that God settles!
By Lucky Ihanza

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