Thirty three years ago, precisely Between May 1 and May 2, 1981, at Ilesha, now in Osun State, a divine assignment was given to a young, Bible-believing boy, Brother David Oyedepo.
The one paragraph marching order delivered in an 18-hour open vision reads thus: 
“The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the Word of Faith, and I am sending you to undertake this task”
Shortly after, a spiritual group tagged Power House, was constituted to offer prayers, fasting and worship to God for the effective commencement of the ministry.
In a unique vision-sharing meeting of the Power House made up of  66 members  stood in the gap interceding for the commission, precisely on April 10, 1982, God gave Brother David profound prophetic verdicts which were declared to the people.
Today, testimonies of liberation mandate through faith messages, books, tapes and other periodicals are most humbling. The word of faith is working like fire for the liberation of mankind across the nations as attest the following respondents:

Dramatic turnaround
I joined this Commission in 2005. When I joined, things were not in place but afterwards, God turned my life around from grass to grace. Everything I had ever wanted, God gave me when I joined this Commission. Also, I used to be very hot tempered and God has changed me. --- Mariam Amarachi Dixon


                                          I Never fall sick
I joined this Commission in 1996 at Raji Oba. Before I joined, I had difficulty getting into higher institution but immediately I joined this Commission, I was granted admission into school and today, I am a graduate. Also, since I joined this Commission, I have never been sick; I do not take medications. I give God all the glory! --- Adebola Yusuff                

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                          ‘HE saved me’
I joined this Commission in 1998 through the leading of the Holy Spirit. I was working as a security guard in an Indian company at Victoria Island. On a Sunday, my colleague who was to take over duty did not come and I never used to miss service, so I locked the gate of the company and came to church. Few hours later, I received a call that the area and regional manager were being queried because the company gate was locked up. I left church and resumed work and did not even get a query letter. I should have been imprisoned but God saved me.  ---Steven Ameh

                                People from this church don’t die by accidents.’

I joined Winners’ in 1998 at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi. When I was in school, I needed an accommodation, so, I told God to bless me with one. Immediately I got into the hostel, someone told me there was a house the owner rarely used and I could have it free of charge. Furthermore, recently I went for a wedding and I was involved in an accident and to the glory of God, I came out without a scratch. When people saw the sticker on the car, they said, ‘people from this church don’t die in accidents.’  ---Kikelomo Shodipe

                                          Healed from pneumonia
For about ten years since I have been in this Commission, I have been in perfect health. Before then, I had pneumonia, so, I engaged the Word of God and prayed and He healed me. ---Bridget Otame               

                                  A financial wonder
The Liberation Commission has made me realize the person I am in Christ. Before now, I used to be a shy person but now, I address large audiences and financially, God has made me a wonder. ---Prince Ajara

                                  Healed from asthma and sickle cell
I suffered from asthma and a sickle cell anemia before joining this commission in 1999. Since then things have been great for me.  I got admission into Federal University of Technology Akure, (FUTA) and became president of different students’ associations.
Today I am a graduate; I got a good job with good salary. I don’t use my inhaler again. I thank God for the Liberation Mandate. It is really working.--Tolulope Gideon

                                  Released from jail
I thank the God of this Commission for giving us the Liberation Mandate. I joined this commission in 1999 and God has been good to me. I have just been released from prison after 6 months of being there. God has been good to me. Praise the Lord!

                                           Strange favours
Since I joined this Commission, we don’t labour anymore; favour comes from every sector. Also, since we joined this Commission, we have not gone to the hospital and we do not take medications and our businesses are blossoming. --Deacon & Mrs E. A. Saliu

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