Faith Tabernacle Announcements

1. Good News! The 33rd Anniversary of the Liberation Mandate comes up this week. The following schedule of activities are geared to celebrate the faithfulness of God in this great commission since inception till date:
i.    Praise & Testimony Night comes up Wednesday 30th April, 2014. We shall all be gathered at our Zonal fellowship centres to thank and praise God and testify of His goodness among the saints. We are all thereby admonished to send in our testimonies of the impact of the Liberation Mandate in our lives, family, career, business, etc. to
ii        Liberation Raid: Thursday May 1st 2014 is observed as Labour Day in most nations and being a public holiday; we shall be embarking on our soul winning project for the month of May 2014 tagged Project 2223 which focuses on pulling the lost out of fire (Jude1:22-23).  
This special outreach tagged Liberation Raid shall hold in all our Zonal fellowship centres across Lagos and Ota. It shall be a community based outing and we shall be engaging appropriate strategies such as the use of vernacular as may be applicable, distribution of used clothes and wears, free medical attention, Brigade bands as may be deemed most suitable for each area.
In addition, we shall also focus on reaching out to embattled winners, that is, members that are battered, discouraged, weary, about to give up or those who may have already given up on God, bringing them back home with love and compassion.
iii      Annual Liberation Night – A night of signs and wonders, comes up at Faith Tabernacle on Friday 2nd May, 2014. Time is 10pm - 5am. Come expectant for a liberation order of encounter that will usher you into an unusual realm of exceeding grace accompanied with exceeding testimonies. Please note that there shall be no transmission to the district centres. Every winner is expected to be on ground for this once in a year prophetic service.
2. Six (6) intending couples wed this weekend within Lagos and Ota. This is apart from lots of others who will be joined in holy matrimony outside Lagos. We are admonished to stand in the gap for them in prayers and share in their joy. Time is 11:00am.
3. Believers’ Foundation Class holds every Monday for all new converts and those who have just joined the Church in 260 locations across Lagos and Ota. Everyone concerned is admonished to take advantage of this very important platform for spiritual empowerment that will result in victorious living. Time: 6.00 - 7.30pm.
4.   Good News! The next WOFBI training session comes up from Monday 12th – Friday 23rd May, 2014. It is a two-week intensive course at various locations within Lagos and Ota. Be reminded also that all new converts of the year shall be on church scholarship, that is, the cost of forms and tuition fully borne by the Church. Forms are available at Dominion Bookstores around the Tabernacle and Capernaum.
5. Winners’ Satellite Fellowship, our house to house fellowship, holds in over 20,000 homes within Lagos and Ota between 5:00 and 6:30pm every Saturday. We are all encouraged to take advantage of this forum for our spiritual upliftment.

6. Next Sunday shall be our Special Anniversary Thanksgiving Service. To round up the anniversary celebration, a special and elaborate thanksgiving service is scheduled as a platform to return all the glory and praise to God for all His marvelous acts. Come expectant for a life time encounter as we engage the mystery of high praise and thanksgiving. Service schedule for the 4 services is as usual.                                                                            Jesus is Lord!

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