"Thy testimonies have i taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart." (Psalm 119:111)

There is always not enough time to share all the testimonies at Faith Tabernacle. As the custom of the commission is, every testifier has not more than one minute to tell God's people what the Lord did in his/her live. Hence the popular line, "Once I was blind, now I can see, in one minute". Well, the Press and Publicity Service group is always on hand to capture most of these "unshared" acts of God and may even interview the testifiers for details of the untold stories. Below are some of the testimonies recorded last Sunday at the Honour Entrance. Read and share with your friends. God is no respecter of persons; what He did for one He can do for all.

“Somebody introduced me to this church a day before Covenant day of vengeance. When I saw the flyer, I realised my problems. Every blessed year I experienced cobwebs pouring on my body. At first, I didn't take it seriously until poverty and dryness became unbearable. I told some persons about how the cobwebs poured on me, they said it was not good and besides it kills. I made up my mind to be at Faith Tabernacle; I accompanied my neighbour to church and also told him I must see the Bishop, I was told that I don't need to see the Bishop but God and that whatever I tell Him, my request would be granted. We prepared for church and went to the loading bay and joined others coming to church. After service, the cobwebs were so much on my face and still followed me home. I came again the following Sunday with the cobwebs, when it was time for the communion I took my portion and then I saw smoke, in the third service I took my portion again and I saw smoke as well, and someone had to lead me to my seat, and that was the end of that siege. Up till today no more cobwebs. It has disappeared forever. Praise God.”
Testifier: Ogbonna Phillip

“I want to thank God for delivering me from hard drugs, masturbation and stealing, and giving me focus for my life. I was confused about life but right now I am so convinced about life and God's plan and purpose for my life. Instead of getting high on high drugs, I get high in the Holy Ghost. Praise God!”
Testifier: Emmanuel O.

“Where I am living now, I will be six years this year. Since we moved into the apartment there is this cat that disturbs at 12am till dawn, we did everything to stop it; most times we hold vigils just to make sure it stops. Three months later I was invited to this church and it was an anointing service; after service that day I got home and sprinkled the oil in the ceiling and up till now we have not heard any disturbing noise again. I return the glory to the God of this commission. Praise God!”
Testifier: Chinyere Ekechukwu

Testimonies compiled by Sis. Rhema Itua

Three Years of Barrenness Destroyed Via Soul Winning

“I return all the glory to God of this commission. My husband and I joined this commission in 2014 and got married the same year. My husband lives in Germany while I was in Lagos. We have been believing God for me to join my husband over there and also for the fruit of the womb. During the second phase of the Wonder Double agenda, I engaged in soul-winning and kingdom-advancement prayers and then God showed up. Within a space of two months,  my visa came out to join my husband  and also the same  month I came to Germany , I took in and  to the glory of  God  I was delivered  of a bouncing baby girl  without C.S.  We give God all the glory.”

Testifiers: Mr. & Mrs. Adodo


(Part 1) These Can Only Be God: 2016 TESTIMONIES (Recorded live at the Honour Entrance, Faith Tabernacle)

“I have been addicted to drugs and alcohol for 5 years now. Last Sunday, 10th July, 2016, after the Communion, my taste for drugs and alcohol died.”
TestifierChika O. M.

“I’m from Ngboba, Port Harcourt. I had in mind to build a house for my parents who had no house of their own. Immediately I made this decision, my uncle and aunty in the village stood against the plan and told me the house would never be built. As a result, my uncle began to pack the blocks to patch his own house just to frustrate me but I stood my grounds. I knew it would not be wise to physically fight them. So, I turned the battle over to God; I would go to the site, anoint the ground, sprinkle the blood and declare the Word. Sometimes, I would go there with my car and park just to play Papa’s message. This continued until the building began. When it was time to roof the house, my aunt said that she didn’t want the water/rain from the roof to touch her own ground or compound; and the battle continued. I again prayed to God to just intervene, and that was exactly what God did; God struck my aunt with blindness and my uncle who said he had eye problems was given eye drop to use. As he applied the eye drop, he became paralyzed and blind. My parents are now living in the house. I have come to give God all the glory.”
TestifierDcn Chidebere Aanafo

“I have come to return all the glory to God Almighty that has made me whole. On one Thursday after service, I prayed one hour at home and the Holy Spirit ministered to me that I should administer the mantle round my neck. After a while, I tried to sleep but while waiting, my phone sounded after which I was unable to sleep again. While I was still on the bed, I felt a strange movement on the left hand side of my breast.
I did not actually take a conscious attention. However, when I sensed that the movement continued, I shouted the name of Jesus and all of a sudden, something dropped. Lo and behold, it was a scorpion-like moving object. I killed it and I knew that indeed I am whole. Praise God!”
TestifierMRS Ohimai Rita

“I have come to testify to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil. I have enjoyed divine health, vitality and supernatural healing since joining this commission. I used to spend money on hospital bills amongst other things but when we came here, I started obeying every prophetic instruction that comes from this altar. Then my faith began to grow on the various mysteries like the communion, feet washing, witnessing Christ in outreaches among others. Now my family members and I are free from sickness and we are all in perfect health. To God be all the praise!”
TestifierMrs Utete

Transformation After Water Baptism
“After I got baptized, God changed my life.  I had spots on my body over a year now, but after the baptism, everything changed. I used to have nightmares but it’s all gone. God changed my life. I have come to thank God for my life.”
Testifier: Sis. Mary

I joined this commission in 2009, believing God for marital breakthrough. My two sisters got married at a very late age and I believed God that my case would be different. God's servant while ministering at Shiloh 2014, pointed towards my direction and I began sobbing as something left me.
During Shiloh 2015 I said to myself I’m testifying in the celebration night though I came with my convert and a voice said if you don’t despise this shame you won’t see my glory, not knowing God had a surprise package for me. I was in relationship and my fiance said that the relationship was a 50-50 chance. He later called to inform me of our introduction and traditional marriage this year January. 
Testifier: Uche Ehionu.

I joined this commission in 2012 in Taraba state. I came to Lagos trusting God for a miracle house. Meanwhile, I bought a car that almost claimed my life, my wife’s and a friend in an accident. I fixed the car and sold it. In less than seven months God made a way for me, I bought a land in Epe and in less than a year I completed our house. I return all the glory to God.
Testifier: James

I am privileged to be a cell minister and a lawyer by training.  
God had laid it into our hearts - my wife and I, that we should start a day care primary school. The project had commenced since 2014. With a good understanding on corporate tithing, we decided to sow the first 200 Naira income as our first fruit.
To the glory of God, what the legal profession could not give me in twenty years, God did it for me. From a three-bedroom rented apartment, God gave us our own eight-room duplex. We moved in on April 18th, 2016. I have come to appreciate God for His faithfulness. To HIM alone be all the praise! 
Testifier: Pastor Ogbona Obiefule

I keyed into kingdom advancement prayers, we were instructed by Mama Faith Oyedepo to read KEYS TO DIVINE HEALTH. And I did it. I also joined the security service group. Today I’m completely healed. I’m thanking God because Matt.6:33 has been fulfilled in my life.
Testifier: Gift Princess

My name is Onyeakor David, a graduate of Federal University of Technology Owerri. While in school, I was committed to campus fellowship. I also read every book authored by Bishop David Oyedepo that I could lay my hands on. Upon graduation, I got a phone call from the manager of the company where I did my Industrial Training, asking me if would like to further my studies in Australia and study a new course in the interest of the company? …“with all pleasure”, I replied.
Since last year the process for traveling began and I keyed into the soul-winning agenda and trusted God that it would definitely come to pass. To God be all the Glory, on Friday June 24th, 2016, I was given a visa to study in Queensland University Southern Australia with all expenses paid. Praise God! 

I have come to give God all the glory for restoring my life and my joy back. Six years ago when I relocated from Ikorodu to Afromedia, I moved into an apartment with my wife and three children. After a year, we started experiencing strange deaths that took the lives of all our children, sent my wife away, took my job and burnt my bus, leaving me with nothing. On July 10th, I gave my life to Christ after being invited by a brother to this church. I anointed my house. Then the strange death came again and hit my kitchen, destroying almost everything there. On July 12th, my landlady died and her children accused me to be responsible but I was later vindicated. The devil tormented my family for twelve years, but the God of Winners used only fourteen days to wipe out twelve people. I give JEHOVAH all the glory for avenging me. 

“We wedded on July 30th 2016. In the course of preparing for the wedding, Papa visited our counseling class and prayed specifically that we would not shed tears on our wedding day and that anyone raising his or her head against our union would go down for us. We said amen!
The lady that was supposed to be my fiancée’s chief bridesmaid came on the eve after turning down the proposal, preferring to cook the food instead; she was informed that a caterer was in charge. Unhappy with the development, she located the contracted caterer. In a desperate attempt to poison the food at midnight, the power of God struck her; and began screaming ‘fire’ and went mad. Praise the Lord!”
TestifiersMr & Mrs JACOB OZOMOGHE

“I returned from the 2016 Youth Alive convention, challenged to go after souls. I decided to go out on the field and vowed that I must bring four people today. I got the four and  prayed at midnight again and at 3am. I went to their houses and I brought 6 people to church this morning and three gave their lives to Christ. I have come to return all the glory to God.”

“I have been in this commission for the past 6years. I was trusting God for a miracle job and during the 2016 youth convention I asked God to give me a job that would allow me serve him well (attend cell fellowship and midweek service). On Saturday I was called for an interview and I was simply asked to resume on Monday. God also granted me a scholarship into a higher institution. I will be resuming at Nassarawa State University in January 2017.To God be the glory!”
Testifier: Blessing Chioma
Firstly, God restored our marriage; my wife got a new job without an interview or application with the federal government. Then at the same time she did a test and was told she was not pregnant. We started using some drugs because some people suggested it was an arrow from the enemy or fibroid. We later saw a doctor who is a member of Winner’s Chapel, and he prayed and anointed her. Prior to this time we had been going for a series of scan but this time we were told she was pregnant. We named the baby Daniel.
“It happened in 2005, when my house and shop were demolished in Abuja, nothing was working for me and family. We came to Ota with nothing. In that year when we attended service, Papa said whatever your hand finds to do, do it. From there I got a job as a cleaner at Covenant University where I worked with all my heart. Whenever I saw student’s belongings, I usually kept it carefully. My colleagues would then ask, why are you so careful about these students? I would reply that it’s because my children will come to Covenant University. They would laugh me to scorn. But that didn’t weigh me down. I give God all the glory because, my daughter has just graduated from Covenant University and others are in Landmark University. More are still on their way to Covenant University; I give God all the glory.”
My wife got pregnant and after two months, she went for a scan and the baby was doing fine but three months later she a new scan revealed the baby had turned upside down. We believed God for a miracle through fasting and prayers. Then we went back again for another scan which showed that the baby had returned to the right position. She was successfully delivered of our baby, but a few days later the baby started running temperature and was rushed to the hospital. Both mother and child were placed under admission. Then a word came to me from Ephesians 2:6 and I told my wife to stop crying, since there is no crying or weeping in heaven. Within 30 minutes the baby became better and the doctor said we could go home. Also, before I joined this commission in 2008, I used to fall sick. I prayed to God for a change of life and God healed me. I give God all the glory.

“I am grateful to God for healing me of diabetics. I came to this church for the first time in June 2016 under the siege of diabetics for 5 years. It was an Anointing Service. While in church that day, I went out to urinate 3 times. In fact, my pair of trousers was already wet before the Bishop mounted the altar. After the administration of the Anointing Oil that day till today, I have not noticed any of the symptoms as before; I now urinate normally. I give God the glory.”
Testifier: Gift Ozondu

“I came to Shiloh 2015 with 3 prayer points on my Prayer Expectations Card, and as of July 24th, God has answered them all. First, I asked God to give me the boldest mind to preach the gospel in my hometown, Abriba. God did it as I started preaching from my father’s compound where I shared fliers to my brothers and half-brothers and half-sisters and many of them gave their life to God. Secondly, I asked God to destroy the siege of death in my family. In fact, at a time, 2 people died in two days consecutively. I asked God to destroy the canopies of burial and replace them with the canopies of marriage. A few days later, my elder sister called to inform me that her daughter would be wedding soon in the Winners’ Chapel, Abriba.  Thirdly, I have 4 beautiful sisters who are all graduates, but no jobs, no husbands. I asked God for an opportunity to send them abroad. On January 4th, 2016, the four of them travelled out of the country the same day, same time and on the same plane. Glory be to God!”
TestifierLydia Ernest

“I had been insane for about three years before I joined the Commission in June 2015. I had been taken to a place for healing but there was no solution. In fact, the situation was so serious that they would beat me just for me to be calm. When I came to this church in June last year, nobody laid hands on me; it was just the Word of His servant that brought about my healing. I am now sound mentally. In fact, I have been active in the Environmental Squad Unit of the Church since then, and I know that a mad person won’t be able to do that. To God be all the glory.”
Testifier: Miss Akpan Christy

“I left the house for church this morning with my niece, Chiamaka Victory Nebochike. There was nothing wrong with her when we left the house but when we got to the Zonal bus station, she began to explain some discomfort, and in no time she slumped. Her mouth was closed, hands stiffed. With the help of the brethren in the bus, I tried to force some Anointing Oil into her mouth. We also tied a mantle round her neck, and we started praying, calling on the God of Bishop Oyedepo to intervene. God truly intervened and brought her back to life. Chiamaka will be 10 years in December 2016. I have come to return all the glory to God.”
TestifierOlaosun Nkiruka


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(Part 2) These Can Only Be God: 2016 TESTIMONIES (Recorded live at the Honour Entrance, Faith Tabernacle)

“For the past 12 years I have had HIV. I came to this commission and was privileged to attend WOFBI. During the Anointing service on July 17th   2016, I took a shot of the oil as instructed from the altar and behold I became whole again. I return all the glory to the God of Bishop David Oyedepo.”
Testifier: Bolakale A.

“Four years ago, my husband was privileged to travel out for his Post Doctoral research work as a lecturer. While we were there I took in and three months into the pregnancy, I was told that I won’t go through the pregnancy due to complications and that my life was at stake. The only way out was to evacuate it. My husband opted out saying we can’t take any life let alone make one that if anything happens along the line we will take it in good fate. They insisted my life was at stake and in order to clear the issue on ground, he was asked to sign to it which he did and we had faith in God. To the glory of God I had a hitch-free pregnancy. When I gave birth to our son we faced a lot of challenges, most of his organs were affected. All through his first one year we were on and off in the hospital. After doing everything they could, the team of Doctors told us that he had three weeks to live. I took him home by then my husband was back in the country. While we were at home for two weeks he was actually dying gradually.
Then I told God to prove to this people that they were not always right because they believe their predictions always come true. I lost words for prayers, all I could say was “Father I thank you, God of Bishop Oyedepo I thank you. If you choose to take this child now, I swear I will keep serving you” all of a suddenly he breathed and I thought he has passed on and to the glory of God when I woke up in the morning he was still alive and I took him to the hospital, the Doctors were surprised. They ran a check and confirmed that everything was normal again. Still, they said the child can’t come back to Nigeria until when he is 15years old, but we insisted. Meanwhile, we contacted Canaanland and Papa was releasing declarations to us. They contacted experts in Nigeria to be checking on them in case anything goes wrong. When we got back we had the privilege to see Papa, he prayed for us and since then I started applying the communion, I attended WOFBI and I had revelations through Papa’s book Exploits of Faith. Since then he is sound and healthy. Secondly, our suitcase got missing at the airport and after two months we were called to pick it up. To God be the Glory.”
Testifier: Mrs. Patience E. A

“I joined this commission a few years back. Our house was flooded as a result of rains and we had to move to my husband’s uncle’s place and things became tough for us. We became a subject of mockery left and right. But that fateful “enough is enough” service, I believed all the words that Papa spoke that day like never before. Then I embarked on a four-day dry fasting and prayer and the heavens opened: my lost job was restored the following Monday with good pay. God also healed my neck pain. I came to return all glory to the living God.

“I receive a called into the ministry in 2012, but I have not been operating in the realm of power to perform signs. On Sunday 31st of July when Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr. was reading from Luke 5:17, he said that Jesus was teaching and the power of God was present to heal the sick. I got charged up and was moved to pray for a sister that was ill and she received her healing.”

“During the Youth Alive Convention through the preaching and teaching I received at the course of the program, I engaged in prayers and fasting with the impact I got and received my healing at the right sight of my eyes where I had pains. I could not see well at that side of the eye. When I went to see a doctor I was diagnosed with Glaucoma. Right now I can see properly with this side of my eye.”
Testifier: Daniel Ben-Ajepe

“I have been smoking Indian hemp for some time now. Someone invited me to this church and I came during an anointing service in the month of August. Papa prayed for first timers and I saw God’s intervention afterwards as I could no longer smoke Indian hemp, having lost the taste of it. I give God all the glory.”
Testifier: Mr. A. Eze

“I joined this great Commission in 2006. I lost my parents when I finished my secondary school and I was left to take care of myself.  I started working for a company as a cleaner for over 3 years ago. When I came to this church, my prayer point was that God should change my story but nothing seemed to be working for me. Papa kept saying if you’ve been in this church for 3 months and nothing has changed in your life, you can leave. Because of that, I decided to stop coming to this church. That week, a deaconess from the church met me while on outreach and preached to me. And I returned home to this church.
When I came back, I rededicated my life to Christ. I prayed and told God to give me overnight turn-around according to the testimonies I have been hearing from this altar. When I came to church on April 17th, Papa preached on tithing and I had not been paying my tithe. When I prayed, God instructed me to start paying my tithe. The following Sunday I came with my tithe and I paid it.
On Thursday that week, my boss made me his account officer without qualification. Even when I tried to disqualify myself by telling him that I didn’t know how to operate a computer, he said that was the reason I must start learning right away. On Friday, I was given my appointment letter just with SSCE certificate, an office where there were more qualified people. I return all the glory to God!”


“The Lord delivered me from occultic home where I went to work last year in order to go back to school. I needed a job so I could save money. When I got there I never knew it was an occultic home, I noticed that insects were falling on my body from the bed and there was no hole on the ceiling. At some point I went to meet the mistress of the house that there was something wrong somewhere but she told me that it was not possible for insects to be falling because she was just new there as well. When she came in and checked the ceiling everything was okay so I now decided that I had to go on prayers. I fasted for 3 days and I was doing midnight prayer as well, the second day the insect disappeared, it never came back again till I left. I just noticed that after some time my body was worse than someone that had chicken pox, it started from my face. I was diagnosed of different things and several tests were conducted but they said there was no skin infection or anything like that. I returned home. I eventually rushed to Canaanland in August and I bought the communion, I used to drink it and wash my face and entire body with it. I returned in January and my health was deteriorating and I was advised to go back and run some tests.
I was diagnosed of hyperthyroidism and I was going to operate on my neck. When my pastor’s wife came, she asked if I had gone for tests and I explained to her that I was not sick but it was a spiritual attack where I went to work and then she said we should join our faith together in prayers. I stopped taking the drugs I was supposed to take, I came here on May 1st (Liberation day) and dropped my result on the altar. Since then I have been on the communion, my cell minister has also been helping out. I also had an attack on my leg and I could not move. I want to thank God for healing me totally today.
Testifier: Ndifreke Abasi Sandra


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(Part 3) These Can Only Be God: August 2016 Testimonies (Recorded Live at the Honour Entrance, Faith Tabernacle)

"I lost my job in 2013, that same year I became a part of this commission.  I sowed my infinity jeep as a seed to God and in 2015 I got a job as a chief engineer in the vessel. In the course of the job, I was kidnapped. After a month, we were miraculously released by the kidnappers through God's intervention though I lost the job. In January 2016, I focused on the fasting and prayer and I increased mine to 30 days as against the 21 days. Thereafter I got a job as a Chief Engineer of another company. Later, I lost that job then I told my wife I was going to attend the LCC WOFBI program. Four days after I started the LCC, I was called by a white man whom I worked with 5years ago. I met with him last week Friday and he asked me to be the Co-owner of his company. I give God all the glory."
Testifier: Patrick Efomere

"During one of the Shiloh services, my colleagues and I did a logo and dedicated it to Papa, he asked us to lie down and he prayed for us. He declared that we will go like pillars around the world. I had an issue with my leg which was bowed and my parents had tried to do the operation in the country twice when I was about 11 years, but the surgeries were not successful. I was opportune to travel to Europe and I was called for a surgery on the leg which I didn't pay for. The surgery was successful and the leg is now okay. I give God all the glory for granting me strength all through the period and perfecting the surgery.
TestifierFidelis Eyorobo

"I was 10 months overdue for delivery of my child, the Doctor said I would have to undergo CS because my blood level was very low and the placenta was very weak, I told God I will come back to testify if he delivers me. One of my sisters who is a member of this church gave me communion, I took it and my blood level began to increase. 
On the 5th of July 2016, God helped me and I delivered my baby safely.  After the delivery, there was still some bleeding and I kept shouting "Blood of Jesus Christ speak for me". Suddenly, the blood seized.  I have come to give all the glory to God for delivering me without blood transfusion.
Testifier: Chika Success Edwin

"God saved me from the dungeon of death after so many years of childlessness, I finally got pregnant in 2015 during the prophetic Wonder Double season and it was the same period I joined the Sanctuary Unit.  After that, I gave birth in January this year through CS, I practically passed on but God brought me back. I kept hearing Papa's voice telling me to declare to myself that I would not die and my baby would not die. After the surgery, they forgot the stitching rope in my body. A few months later, it started swelling and bringing out pus. They told me they were going to operate me again, but to the glory of God while they were cleaning it to bring out the pus they got the head of the rope and started drawing it out and that was the end. I have come to return the glory to God for keeping me alive and keeping my daughter alive.
Testifier: Ruth Friday

"During the 21 days fasting and prayers, I asked God to grant me a multi-million deal contract via my album and I named the marketers I actually wanted. During the Covenant Hour of Prayer, Papa said if you want to see the raw manifestation of the power of God we should switch over our prayer to Kingdom-focused prayers so I obeyed according to Deuteronomy 28. Now God has granted my request and I'm here to return all the glory to Him."
Testifier: Sunday Wilson

"I want to thank God for my successful graduation. At the peak of my academic Career, I came through a lot of challenges but I thank God that today I am the first graduate in my family. Praise the Lord!"
Testifier: Stephen Odoh

"I want to thank God for granting me divine favor, I have been going for interviews and I have never been called back even when I run their trainings and write exams. Recently, I went for an interview, among the people that were picked for the job, God favored me. I was invited last Sunday of last month and on Tuesday morning, I was called that the job I was interviewed for was waiting for me. I am grateful to God for giving me such miracle, which I had never witnessed in my life before. I want to return all the glory to God!"
Testifier: Kelechi Sunday

"I am here to testify to the goodness of God in my life. I joined this great commission on January 1, 2015. A long time ago, my dad had an accident and since then, he has been behaving abnormal. Luckily for me, I joined Faith Tabernacle on one anointing service day and heard the Bishop said every curse in our families must be broken this moment, I keyed into it and began to pray. I never knew my prayers had an effect in my mom’s village where the wicked ones there began to die.
On a call to enlist in the operation “Possess the land” declared by Bishop Oyedepo, I joined the rescue squad and engaged in the proclaimed seven-day prayer and fasting from May 30- June 5th, 2016.
I prayed to God to heal my father and surprisingly, I got a call from my cousin that my dad was doing great like never before. I was so excited by the news that indeed God of Oyedepo really answers prayer. To God be all the glory!"
Testifier: Elizabeth Ojehuwa

                                    SAVED FROM A CAR ACCIDENT!
"On Friday, 15th July, I was on my way to the office in the morning, I alighted at Yaba because I wanted to do something, my mantle was in my bag but later, I brought it out and put it inside my right pocket. I was on the walkway but before I knew it, a Sienna car flew down from nowhere. I did not even expect it, it almost knocked me down but thank God I was having the mantle in my right pocket and that was the side the car wanted to hit me. Before I raised up my head, I saw the car inside the fence. This incident took place at Yaba Health Centre. I thank God I was not knocked down and nothing happened to me. I give all the glory to God!"

Testifier: Bro Agbonze Aikwenwanwo Michael


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Delivered from siege of the wicked (excreted mango seed) via the flesh and blood of Jesus
I travelled to the village on the 29th of December 2014. On getting to the village, immediately I entered my father’s compound, I discovered that my legs where swollen. Just as we were trying to do something about it, my stomach became swollen.  I became paralyzed and couldn’t move my arm and legs.  I was taken to the hospital and took various kinds of herbal medicine and nothing changed. I was told to rush back to Lagos because the person responsible for my predicament was in the midst of where we were. My wife carried me with wheel chair to the airport and we came to Lagos. On getting to Lagos we visited various hospitals and herbal homes we spent lot of money to no avail.
One Saturday morning, three brothers came to my house and said that Bishop David Oyedepo sent them to go out to preach to people. They told me that I need the perfection of God’s healing in my life via the blood and body of Jesus Christ which I started taking. A member of my family then came to my house telling me that if I take a drum of the blood of Jesus and a bucket of the body nothing will happen. The person said that I need to go and offer sacrifice to a deity in my village called agbala but I refused.
Fortunately, that was the season of operation rescue, I keyed into the prophetic word from the altar, I also keyed into Mathew 6:33. I started going out for evangelism (evening raid).  I partook of the communion and couldn’t walk. Thereafter I excreted a mango seed.
…… David Mba

Rescued from Death
I joined this commission in year 2009, the year I lost my husband. Last month after Papa conducted anointing service, my son asked me to tell his wife to come over, that he had an accident.  On our way to the hospital, we heard people discussing about the same accident. By the time I got to the hospital the wife was crying. She said that my son was already on his side and the vehicle that hit him was on a high speed. He was also having internal bleeding.. The driver of the other vehicle and 5 others died on the spot but nothing happened to my son. It was only one boy who sat at the centre of my son’s car that died instantly and others sustained injuries but I don’t know how God managed to rescue my son because if you see the wreckage of the jeep, no fowl could escape unhurt.
God had earlier laid in my heart to take along with me Papa’s 30th year anniversary cloth with his picture and Mama’s picture as a mantle. So I placed the (Mantle) anniversary cloth on his chest because he was shouting pains all over his chest.  My son tied a mantle on his hand and I poured anointing oil of that previous Sunday on him and started prophesying on him. When doctors were to conduct a test on him I asked them not to remove the mantle and all along he was crying of pains on his chest. But to my greatest surprise within 5 days he became normal and healthy again. I have come to return all the glory to God almighty.
…… Elizabeth Obebedo

Delivered From Bad Dream
I used to have bad dreams and did see dead body in my dream. Immediately somebody brought me to this church, I gave my life to Christ and keyed into the prayer points, and I attended WOFBI, immediately I ended the WOFBI God delivered me.
……Joseph Woda

Career Breakthrough
On 30th September, I sat for my ACCA. This was the second time I was sitting for the exam. When the result came out, I failed and decided to ask God what was wrong. During the wonder double season, I engaged vigorously. Also during the Hosanna night, I danced myself out of failure and four days later I got a mail from ACCA London stating that they were sorry for the error and that my actual score was 64%.  I was so surprised.  I give glory to God for this.
……Obianwu Deborah

Career Breakthrough
In 2011, I failed a medical professional exam and as a result I was stagnated for a while. I was invited to this church by my friend, hopeless and dejected but later God helped me.  I passed my professional exams miraculously and God also connected me to my husband and now we are married miraculously.
…… Okeke Ngozi

Rescued From Kidnappers
My husband was kidnapped on the 12th of September 2015; on the sixth day of the fast that was proclaimed towards the Operation Rescue. He is a pastor in Winners Chapel, the Port Harcourt branch. He was coming from church where the pastors went to pray towards the Sunday service and as he drove into the compound, three kidnappers, armed with gun followed him and pushed the security man aside and took him husband away for 12 days.
His abduction left me embittered for few days and I could not pray properly. This made me ask God why He allowed this to happen to me. Some days later, I fell sick and was taken to the hospital. There the Doctor told me I would be on admission. It was at this point I knew Satan wanted to use the opportunity to do something terrible to my family and so I vehemently rejected to be admitted at the hospital. I went on a three day fast and another seven day fast. After  that I also went on another three days fast and I took a with me  7 scriptures with 7 reasons why my husband must come back to me alive. After praying this prayer on Sunday which was the 20th of September, God told me that I needed to praise him and not to pray again. I switched on to praises. On Monday the 21st by divine connection, someone called Bishop Abioye’s secretary and then the PA said Bishop Abioye would talk to me shortly which he did. He declared that in the next 48hrs my husband would be released. By the grace of God on Wednesday my husband was released.
I just want to thank God for the God of my father’s Bishop David Oyedepo and Bishop David Abioye for confirming his rescue operation in my family. May Him alone be all the Glory, Amen.
……Deaconess Dolapo Ayepekun

Healed From Tooth Ache
My name is Bertin Francis and I am from Cameroun. I originally came from Cameroun to Nigeria to visit Synagogue Church of all Nation for deliverance from the tooth ache that had been disturbing me for some time now. I had wanted to remove the tooth but I said no until I see a man of God. But I did not get the opportunity to see  Pastor T. B Joshua the man of God in that Church but as God  would have it someone from this Church gave me the flyer for today’s communion service. With faith, I started putting the flyer on my jaw and kept rubbing it on my jaw and cheek. I also kept asking God to heal me through this man of God though I have never met him before in my life but my instinct told me that he is a real man of God.
Even in my dreams he was appearing to me and said that his father sent him to me. In one of the dreams he appeared and said follow me and took me to the mountain top, on a very fine hill and said my father will come and take you. Then someone appeared and came from my back and said follow me I am Abraham. He took me to a pool of water and asked me to wash my hands in the pool of water. He then said to me go back to where I came from. On getting to the mountain the man of God appeared to me again and held my hands and led me from the mountain. That was when I woke up and realized I was dreaming. It has been one week now and I have not taken my tooth ache medication that I usually take to suppress the pains. Even to my greatest surprise, I had thrown all the drugs away and no pains since then. Praise the Lord!
…… Bertin Francis (Cameroun)

Delivered From a Ghastly Motor Accident
I want to thank God for saving me from death. On Friday morning I woke up and brought out my mantle. I placed it on my fore head, prayed and asked God for His protection. I anointed myself and left. I took a taxi and the driver was on a high speed. Suddenly, we encountered a big pothole which he could not avoid. He lost control of the vehicle and we were off the road.  
The car started somersaulting on the express way. I want to thank God specially because no other vehicle was coming towards our direction and both of us came out alive. The driver only sustained some minor injuries but nothing happened to me. I am returning all the glory to God almighty.
……Francis Iroko

Healed Of Growth in the Body and Boil
Last Sunday I came to the service with a very painful boil and growth under my armpit. During the service, God’s servant said every age long ordeal will be destroyed. But in the midst of the pain, I still danced very well. During the week I noticed that the growth reduced and on Wednesday the growth and the boil had disappeared. I have come to give God all the glory.
…… Victoria Awogbindin

Delivered from Four Years Miscarriage
I give all the glory for delivering me from destruction. I have had miscarriage for the past four years. The last midweek service I took the communion and as I got home, I started feeling body pains and I noticed that I just had another miscarriage. When I woke up in the morning I started feeling pains around my waist, I tried to urinate but immediately I found biscuit on my private part. I thank God for setting me free from destruction.
……Favor Nwakeze

Deliverance from Death

When I was praising God on my way to the church, I felt a sensation in my head like a horn was coming out of my head. This was a confirmation of what God’s servant said on the altar. I tried to see God’s servant but I couldn’t. Last year the devil struck and I lost my husband and I went to the village for the burial. My husband’s people said my husband died because I didn’t serve the river and I will also die soon. I rejected their verdict and declared that I won’t die in Jesus name but will live to declare the good works of God. This is November now and I am still alive. I give God all the glory.
……Opute Evelyn

Double Promotion within 9 Months of Employment
During the wonder double agenda, when Papa asked us to pray for souls, I did. Even my children got sick by them but I didn’t pray for them, instead I continued to pray for the souls and God healed my son. In my place of work, I was promoted twice within nine months of employment.   To God be all the Glory.
……Mrs. Abimbola Bassey

For good four months, I was unable to sleep. After that Sunday service, God revealed to me to take communion alone and I did. I got healed and now, I’m having a sound sleep. Praise God
…… Shade Dada

Healed Of Back Ache by Kingdom Service
I walked into last Sunday service with my waist bending and I could not stand right. When the service finished, Papa said that the problem that followed you here will not follow you back to the house. I said oh yes but the devil beat me to that. So I now set another one for myself as God has said to me that I will not need any medication to take care of myself. I gave myself to kingdom service and participated in the first phase week of Wonder Double and second week of Wonder Double and backaches cannot be my reward. Sunday evening I was down, Monday and Tuesday morning, I was down. By Tuesday night, I set to my God that my healing is sure and I picked up Papa’s book, Healing Balm and read about a woman that was bending for 8 years. I said, I cannot wait for 8 days, I told God that I was going to be healed in his theatre. Lo and behold by Wednesday 8.30, God healed me. Before, I must put my hand to my lap and see whether I can carry the leg. Now I can walk, I give praise to God.         
…… Akindejoye Orimisan

New Convert Called Back To Work after Embarking In Soul Winning
I came to testify of what God did in the life of my new convert, Uchenna Oniomo. Gotten at last month’s evening Raid and I invited him to church. Here in church, he gave his life to Christ. I also invited him to the midweek service. He told me that he was laid off from work two months ago over a minor issue without salary and as a result he got depressed and started taking alcohol. I encouraged him in the lord and relayed to him testimonies of those who were blessed as a result of kingdom service. We both did evangelism on Friday on the last day of week of emphasis and won 7 souls; we invited them to church and Special Communion service and one of the souls invited two people making nine. I had the urge to pray for him after WSF service for his job that God will restore him even as Shiloh approaches. Lo and behold he got a call 6 hours after 3rd service to resume work. We have come to give glory to God.               
……Iraboh Franca


1. “My Period Stopped For 3 Years Until I Touched My Stomach With The Prophetic Mantle” --- MARTINA ACHONU 

I joined this commission in 2009. I was baptized the same year. SINCE THEN I HAVE BEEN BELIEVING God for a miracle marriage. In 2012, my period suddenly stopped; I was not sleeping with any man, and was not pregnant. I thought it was a joke. For complete three years, I didn't see my period and I did nothing about it. During the 21-day prayer and fasting in 2013, I didn't list it on my prayer request. After the exercise, Papa distributed mantles to us and I placed the mantle on my stomach. Immediately I did that, the menstruation that had stopped for three years, started flowing instantly.

Salau keji
2. "During the Career and Business Breakthrough service, I brought his card as a point of contact and danced so well with his business in mind.” And that was it." Salau keji

She might look small but she knows when things are not right. Her name is Salau keji. Her father’s business was stagnated for a long time and this is what she did. “During the last 21days of prayer and fasting, I prayed earnestly for him. During the Career and Business Breakthrough service, I brought his card as a point of contact and danced so well with his business in mind.” And that was it. The result: “My father’s business suddenly began to surge back to life and up till now, no more stagnation I that business.”


Brother Rabiu Adesina got a job like every other person and was earning a salary of N25,000. That was the financial status of a grown man! When he came to share his testimony at the honour entrance, he was exuding the joy of someone whose level has changed.  “I have three testimonies and I will share them sharp sharp!” he enthused, with an air of ‘I know what I’m talking about.’ “I joined this commission in 2014 and since then God has changed my financial status. Where I was working, I was earning N25,000 per month but when I joined this commission last year, God took me from that position to a co-owner in that same business. Now I have 30 percent equity in that same business. Secondly, Good gave me a house of my own and it is now at the roofing level.”

Not done yet, he shared the third one, revealing how he being attentive to the Holy Spirit pays. “The third one happened at the all night when Papa (by the help of the Holy Spirit) asked us to remove our shoes and immediately the Holy Spirit instructed me directly to take the little sand on the floor where I was and put it in my mouth. For many years, I had been suffering from a chronic stomach pain that when it starts, the right side of my body would be numb, almost paralyzed. But immediately I took that small portion of sand, I got instant healing.”

Financial Stagnation Destroyed via Shiloh Sacrifice!

“I joined this Commission fully in 2012 through an invite from a brother in this church. 

Meanwhile, I experienced financial hardship which affected my family. My children were sent out of school because I couldn’t pay their school fees. Also, we relocated from a three bedroom flat to a one-bedroom apartment. In fact, I lost everything I had to the devil, except my car.

At Shiloh 2012, my wife and I agreed to offer my car as a sacrifice to the Lord on this altar. After that sacrifice, heaven opened for us and God gave us a miracle shop.

Also, God connected us to seven importers that supplied us goods without taking a dime. God also relocated our children to a high-class school in Ghana and He cancelled all our debts.

Among other testimonies, last week, God blessed us with a Honda Pilot Jeep. I give all the glory and honour to the God of this great Commission. May His name be glorified forever!” 
 --- Jonas Ibekwe

Miracle Marriage at 55 years!

“I believed God for marital breakthrough. I attended Shiloh since 1999, and every time I came, among other requests was to be connected to my life partner. God answered other requests except that singular one. 

To the shame of the devil, in Shiloh 2012, the prophetic word was fulfilled in my life. On October 26 this year, I got connected and I am happily married at 55 years old. To God be the glory!” 
--- Janet Abu

40-Year Notorious Herbalist Turned Christian!

“I lived as an herbalist for 40 years. I was the second in command in the whole world. I had a flying carpet and a moving chair to travel to anywhere in the world. 

I was popularly known as ‘Baba Onigba,’ by the media. Even government officials feared me. I was rich; married to nine wives and lived in a four-storey building with a bunker at Meiran. In fact, I had everything I needed.

During the time of Governor Marwa’s Operation Sweep, the security officers opened fire for five days on my house to arrest me, but they were unsuccessful. Whenever they tried to arrest me, the officials never returned. It was only the God of Bishop Oyedepo that arrested me.

I lost seven of my wives and 13 children and I became crippled. For 23 days, I was crawling like Nebuchadnezzar. I was in Ota General Hospital, and the Winners’ pastor in my neighbourhood visited me and told me once again to give my life to Jesus Christ. On July 26, the pastor came with anointing oil and anointed me. 

Thereafter, he asked me what tools were in my possession; I told him I had a marine wife – she was the queen of the river. The pastor took her pictures, all my charms and the mortar I had and burnt them. 
Today I am saved; I can walk and I have surrendered everything to God. I thank God for what He has done for me!” ---Taiwo, A.

Delivered from Strange Illness!
“I was afflicted with a strange illness in the year 2012. Towards the end of the year 2013, my sister invited me to a mantle service. She told me to believe, assuring me that when I come in contact with the Mantle, I would be healed. So, I believed.
Afterward, I told my sister I wanted to see the Bishop. So, after the fourth service I went to see the Bishop and he laid hands on me. And I believed that I had received my healing.
Earlier, I was told I wouldn’t see the year 2014. So, after Shiloh 2013, I bought the calendar for 2014 and the Anointing Oil. When I got home, I said, ‘I use this calendar as a point of contact to this Commission. If no witch or wizard can tell the Bishop that he will not see another year, then as I put this calendar in my house, I will see the year 2014.’
I also anointed my house with the Shiloh Anointing Oil and the next day, I saw a dead bird in my house. Now, I am free!”---Faith Okpere

Divine Healing and Salvation!
“On Christmas day, a Muslim friend of mine’s daughter fell into a boiling pot of pepper. So, she was admitted in the hospital.
After he finished spending all the money he had, which was over 200, 000 naira in the hospital, he asked that his daughter be discharged. He said he didn’t want any embarrassment from the hospital.
So, eventually when I returned home, I went to meet him and asked him what the problem was. So, I saw the sores on his daughter’s body. Some people even thought she was going to die. I held a vigil with him and prayed to God Almighty.
Later, they were able to raise the money for the skin grafting and she was returned back to the hospital.
To the glory of God, they are no longer going to perform any operation, the girl is now healed!
Secondly, I met a young man whom I was told was a drug addict and he said he didn’t want to die. I asked if he was ready to give up all his sins and repent and he said he was ready. Then I said, ‘the steps I am going to take, if you go back, anything can happen.’ He still insisted that he was ready.
By the grace of God, yesterday, he gave his life to Christ and he has been baptized in water. He even said he was going to attend the Word of Faith Bible Institute. I just want to give glory to God because God is faithful! Praise the Lord!”---Zan dami kudi

Miracle Marriage and Deliverance from Death!
  “When we were concluding our marriage seminar, the bishop came to our class and told us that he would go with us. He kept saying it. And I believed it.
  The Bishop prayed for us on the 2nd of February, then on the 4th we embarked on the journey to the East for our traditional wedding, which took place on the 8th.
So while we were back there in the East, a pastor friend of ours called us,saying that he saw us in a revelation and he instructed that when we are coming back to Lagos we should not take the same vehicle and that we should not let people know about our trip and we should also pray against the spirit of death.
So, we finished our engagementh and the next day which was on the 9th, being Sunday we boarded a bus from Port Harcourt. God showed me a scripture from Psalm 106:8 that He would deliver us.
While on the journey, I received a strange call on my phone from a woman. When the woman heard my voice, she cut the call. As I was trying to call her back, one of the front tires of the bus went off the wheels and the bus started swerving. After some seconds, it started somersaulting.
When the bus finally stopped, about six people were already dead and I was seating in the front seat. I came out by myself without a single scratch on my body. I picked out my bag and started making phone calls.
The devil thought that we would not marry but God has joined us gloriously in holy matrimony! I give all the glory to the God of this Commission!”
---Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Chukwu
Miracle Job!
“For some time now, I believed God for a miracle job, because the salary I was receiving in my place of work was not sufficient. When the job was not forthcoming, I decided to quit and embark on fasting and midnight prayers for four days. The following week, the Lord showed up!
A brother called and said, ‘Let me finish making arrangements, so you can work with us at the organization.’ I said, ‘Ok sir!’ There was no written application.
The following week, I was asked to come for an interview. When I got there, I was interviewed and asked to resume in March.
The following day, I went there and I was told to resume the next day, and not the beginning of next month as earlier stated. The salary I requested for was also approved. Praise the Lord!” ---Fidelis Ezefili
Delivered from Alcoholism!
“I gave my life to Christ on March 3, during a Breaking Generational Curses service, last year. That day, when I came in, the only thing I heard the Bishop say was, ‘When light comes, darkness must flee!’
After that service, I realized that I was delivered from 22 years, seven months and two days of drinking, on March 3, 2013.
Thereafter, I attended the Basic Certificate Course (BCC) of the Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI). During the sessions, I was taught by pastors, who were kingdom field marshals.
Today makes it exactly one year that I stopped drinking. Also, since then, I have not been sick, I have not taken drugs and I have not womanized. I give the glory to the God of Liberation!”---Alexander B. Terngu

Supernatural Deliverance!
“In June 2013, I was in front of my shop with my son, when he suddenly screamed, ‘My eyes! My eyes!’ Instantly, I noticed that he could no longer see. I took him inside, bathed him with the blood of sprinkling, anointed his eyes and we began to sing praises. While we were praising God, he slept for six hours and woke up with the song, ‘I will lift up Jesus higher.’ Then I discovered he could see again.
On Monday morning when he was set for school, he suddenly said, ‘Don’t beat me! Don’t beat my ear!’ I didn’t see anybody but shortly after, his ear started bleeding. I gave him the Communion and his father said I should anoint his ear. When I did, the bleeding stopped.
On Tuesday morning, he said, ‘Mummy, take me to Canaanland.’ I said, ‘Today is not Sunday.’ Later, I discovered that he was excreting blood, became very weak and could not stand anymore. My neighbour told me to take him to the hospital, but he kept saying, ‘Take me to Canaanland!’ So, I did.
Immediately we got there, the boy that could not walk before, jumped down and started running around. While waiting for the pastor, he said, ‘Mummy, I saw the Bishop. He touched me and my body is not paining me again!’ Since then, everything stopped. I give glory to the God of this Commission!”---Ayesa Deborah

Divine Deliverance!
“In February 2014, my husband and I embarked on a three-day fasting and prayer, that concluded on Friday. After the vigil that Friday at 1: 45 a.m., I tried to sleep, but within 10 minutes, I felt something on my head. I tried to catch it, but the thing bit me and immediately, my body became heavy and I was unable to move.
I heard my husband say, ‘Bring the torch in your hand,’ but I was unable to move. He hit me with his elbow, then I jerked back to life and gave him the torchlight. I rushed to the toilet, urinated and Immediately, I heard a song in my spirit. Thereafter, I told my husband to give me the Blood and I drank it. I staggered back to the bed and that ended it; I felt lighter. I am alive today; I give God the glory!”
---Abidoye Morenikeji

Asthma Healed & Stagnation Destroyed
“For over ten years, I have been struggling to register my school, but to no avail. On January 6, 2013, I joined this Commission.
In July, I gave the hall of the school and all the materials use there to this Commission. On January 6, 2014, the approval process started and within three weeks, God did it for me and I have the approval letter.
Also, I attended the Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI) in August. During which, I was healed of the asthma I had been nursing for 19 years. Praise the Lord!”---Adeyemi Williams
Now a Landlord!
“During Shiloh 2011, I came and prayed to God concerning the wedding of my children and God, who does not store prayers, answered me.  Four of them got married in 2012.
To the glory of God, the four of them delivered their babies in 2013.
Also, presently, I am living in a house that I do not know how the foundation was laid. In this year of Exceeding Grace, I am now a landlord! I give glory to God Almighty. Praise the living Jesus!” ---C.R. Samuel

"Thy testimonies have i taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart." (Psalm 119:111)

Supernatural Restoration!
“Since we joined this great Commission in 2009, we have enjoyed success and great things in our lives. In September 2013, I suddenly noticed a drop in my weight. I prayed and said to God, ‘I cannot suffer this affliction,’ but the weight loss continued. Within three months, I had lost eight kilograms. So, I met with the Bishop on December 25, and the God of this great Commission rescued me from destruction. I give praise to God!”---Precious Isaac

Miracle Baby!
“In April 2012, I lost my daughter to the devil. I almost gave up, but, because of the Commission I belonged, my faith waxed stronger.
We attended Shiloh 2012 with all the baby things we had and believed God for another child.
On the fourth day of Shiloh, my wife and I were drenched in the rain and in our state, we told God to bless us with a child. According to our declaration, God blessed us with a baby boy at Shiloh 2013. We give God all the glory!” --- Harry Victor

Supernatural Turnaround!
“I joined this Commission in 2012 as a Corps member. I joined the choir and I am also a cell minister in my zone. I attended Shiloh 2012 a nonentity and I told God to change my level because it was our year of double portion. God did it.
In 2013, I met my fiancé at the Word of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI), and we got married. Also, God blessed us with jobs and we moved into our house.
I got pregnant in 2013 and after the 21-day prayer and fasting of 2014, I delivered a baby girl. After two weeks of my delivery, God blessed my family with a car. Praise God!” ---Mr. & Mrs. Okunmaso

     Healed of Spinal Cord Injury!
“On February 16, 2014, on my way from church, it was raining and my neighbour offered me a ride home. As I ran towards the car, I slipped and fell on my back.
According to my neighbour, I was unconscious for five to 10 minutes before I regained consciousness. They rushed me to a hospital, but they said they didn’t have a neurologist to treat me there. I was taken to another hospital and there was still no solution.
Finally, I was taken to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) where a series of tests was conducted and the results revealed that I had spinal cord injury. I remembered the Bishop said a closed mouth is a closed destiny. So, I opened my mouth and cried out loud to the God of Bishop David Oyedepo, declaring that at the beginning it was not so.
I was told that until a surgery was performed, I would not be able to walk and I said, ‘It is a lie!’  I told them that I was too sure that the God of Bishop Oyedepo, whom I serve, would set me free.
I began to declare the Word of God over my life from the book of Psalm 118: 17; Ezekiel 37: 6- 17 and Jeremiah 30: 17.
I was later taken to an orthopaedic home and the doctors there said that I would be able to walk within 3 to 6 months. I said, ‘It is not my portion.’ I cried unto the God of Winners and I keyed into the testimonies I had heard. Two weeks later, I started sitting. That same week, I stood!
Here I am standing on my feet on this ground today. I give all the glory to the God of Shiloh! Praise the Lord!”---Philomena Algbotsua

“I Am Cancer-Free!”
“My husband and I joined this Commission in June 2014. In 2010, lumps were discovered in my breast and since then we became afraid that they may be cancerous.
Last month, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, I underwent a surgical operation after which four lumps were removed from my breast.
When I went for a laboratory test, my husband wrapped those lumps with the Mantle we were given in church. Later, when the results of the test came out, we were told that one of the lumps was cancerous.
I applied the Anointing Oil and the Communion on the spot. To the glory of God, now, I am cancer free! Praise the Lord!” ---Bunmi Bakare

Healed of Mysterious Illness!
“Firstly, I thank God for adding a set of twins (boy) to my family last year. Secondly, On June 4, 2012, while in my compound, I felt a mild breeze in between my legs and suddenly, I heard a sound and my legs twisted.
I was rushed to the hospital and a surgery was performed. I thank God the surgery was successful and things went back to normal.
On December 10, 2013, the day Shiloh began, my legs started hurting again as though boiling water was placed on it. It got swollen and before I got to the hospital, I almost went unconscious.
Series of tests were conducted and I was informed that I had an implant in my leg. I was also told that I would have to undergo another surgery. At that point, I shouted, ‘God of David Oyedepo, I have no other God come and rescue me!’
The God of this Commission showed up and delivered me. Now, I am healed!”
---Ellen Eweke

The Liberation Mandate Is 33: The Glory!
Thirty three years ago, precisely Between May 1 and May 2, 1981, at Ilesha, now in Osun State, a divine assignment was given to a young, Bible-believing boy, Brother David Oyedepo.
The one paragraph marching order delivered in an 18-hour open vision reads thus: 
“The hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the Word of Faith, and I am sending you to undertake this task”
Shortly after, a spiritual group tagged Power House, was constituted to offer prayers, fasting and worship to God for the effective commencement of the ministry.
In a unique vision-sharing meeting of the Power House made up of  66 members  stood in the gap interceding for the commission, precisely on April 10, 1982, God gave Brother David profound prophetic verdicts which were declared to the people.
Today, testimonies of liberation mandate through faith messages, books, tapes and other periodicals are most humbling. The word of faith is working like fire for the liberation of mankind across the nations as attest the following respondents:

Dramatic turnaround
I joined this Commission in 2005. When I joined, things were not in place but afterwards, God turned my life around from grass to grace. Everything I had ever wanted, God gave me when I joined this Commission. Also, I used to be very hot tempered and God has changed me. --- Mariam Amarachi Dixon


                                          I Never fall sick
I joined this Commission in 1996 at Raji Oba. Before I joined, I had difficulty getting into higher institution but immediately I joined this Commission, I was granted admission into school and today, I am a graduate. Also, since I joined this Commission, I have never been sick; I do not take medications. I give God all the glory! --- Adebola Yusuff                

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                          ‘HE saved me’
I joined this Commission in 1998 through the leading of the Holy Spirit. I was working as a security guard in an Indian company at Victoria Island. On a Sunday, my colleague who was to take over duty did not come and I never used to miss service, so I locked the gate of the company and came to church. Few hours later, I received a call that the area and regional manager were being queried because the company gate was locked up. I left church and resumed work and did not even get a query letter. I should have been imprisoned but God saved me.  ---Steven Ameh

                                People from this church don’t die by accidents.’

I joined Winners’ in 1998 at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi. When I was in school, I needed an accommodation, so, I told God to bless me with one. Immediately I got into the hostel, someone told me there was a house the owner rarely used and I could have it free of charge. Furthermore, recently I went for a wedding and I was involved in an accident and to the glory of God, I came out without a scratch. When people saw the sticker on the car, they said, ‘people from this church don’t die in accidents.’  ---Kikelomo Shodipe

                                          Healed from pneumonia
For about ten years since I have been in this Commission, I have been in perfect health. Before then, I had pneumonia, so, I engaged the Word of God and prayed and He healed me. ---Bridget Otame               

                                  A financial wonder
The Liberation Commission has made me realize the person I am in Christ. Before now, I used to be a shy person but now, I address large audiences and financially, God has made me a wonder. ---Prince Ajara

                                  Healed from asthma and sickle cell
I suffered from asthma and a sickle cell anemia before joining this commission in 1999. Since then things have been great for me.  I got admission into Federal University of Technology Akure, (FUTA) and became president of different students’ associations.
Today I am a graduate; I got a good job with good salary. I don’t use my inhaler again. I thank God for the Liberation Mandate. It is really working.--Tolulope Gideon

                                  Released from jail
I thank the God of this Commission for giving us the Liberation Mandate. I joined this commission in 1999 and God has been good to me. I have just been released from prison after 6 months of being there. God has been good to me. Praise the Lord!

                                           Strange favours
Since I joined this Commission, we don’t labour anymore; favour comes from every sector. Also, since we joined this Commission, we have not gone to the hospital and we do not take medications and our businesses are blossoming. --Deacon & Mrs E. A. Saliu


  1. I want to appreciate the God of this commission. I was at a chapel service on Thursday, February this year. Pastor Mrs Oyedepo, began to use herself as a pointer for what God can do in our health. She was asked us to keep affirming what God says and not our situation and was rounding off in prayers. As she began to make some prophetic declarations, with our hands raised up, something dropped off me. I can't explain it but for women who have experienced the placenta load drop off you, it was akin to that feel. I felt the warmness of blood and quickly checked to see what could be the reason as I was not pregnant. It was a deliverance from the spirit of the shadow of death! Lord, I give you all the praise for the victory you wrought in my life through this commission. Thank you for all the breakthroughs you have given my family and I via this encounter, Lord thank you!

    1. My name is Charlie Oscar from UK, i have tried seeking help from different spell caster before to help me win a lottery and to get my wife back but they ended up taking my money without helping me...i was confused and heart broken because i really needed to win the lottery and also to get my wife back so one day in my office i told my friend my situation and he told me how Lord Bubuza help me him with his spell to win a lottery so i immediately contacted him and Lord Bubuza responded and told me that he will help me with his spell to win the lottery and also get my wife back within 12 to 16 hours.At first i thought it was a joke due to what other spell caster did to me but to my greatest surprise after i did everything Lord Bubuza said, i won the lottery and my wife came back to me begging me to forgive and accept her back...I have never seen a man who keeps to his word like Lord Bubuza, everything happen within 12 to 16 hours just as he told me. Do you need any help?contact Lord Bubuza now via email: lordbubuzamiraclework@hotmail.com or via website: http://Lordbubuza.website2.me or via WhatsApp: +1 518 558 5109 !!!

  2. I just want to thank the God of Bishop Oyedepo for what he is doing in my life, my daughter has moved closer to God, we are reestablishing our relationship. We are also thanking him for a new job offer eventhough nothing has materialised yet.


    On November 27th 2015, I and my husband were returning from the “Pre-Shiloh/Feet Washing Encounter Service”, when our car developed a fault and stopped suddenly in the middle of the road on 3rd mainland bridge. Within a split of a second, a car ran into us from the rear and the impact was so much that our car was moved from its original point to a certain distance. To God be the glory nothing happened to my husband but I sustained a fracture on my left humorous. I was rushed to the hospital and the following week I went in for surgery and there were post-surgery complications resulting from nerve injury. While I was at the hospital, I made sure I connected to 2015 Shiloh program and in one of the services Papa declared full and total restoration of our health - He said and I quote; “Jeremiah 30:17, I WILL RESTORE HEALTH UNTO YOU AND HEAL YOU OF YOUR WOUNDS SAYS THE LORD”. I keyed into it immediately and got my healing. The nerves on my hand and fingers were restored and now I have total healing. My hand has been restored and I could do all the things I couldn’t do after the surgery. I can raise my hand; bend my fingers and my wrist. To God be all the Glory for putting the devil to shame and for giving me a brand new life. I shall fulfil my destiny and I shall continue to move from one level of glory to another in the Mighty name of Jesus…Amen!
    Secondly I want to thank God for making me a living testimony, In 2006 I was afflicted with strange sickness but God delivered me. Since then God has blessed me with divine health and I’m fully delivered and restored, to God be all the glory.
    Thirdly, God blessed me with a miracle job in 2010 and in 2015 I got my first promotion, To God be all the glory. I want to also thank God for life, protection and his provisions over me, my family, my husband, my son, my parents and my siblings. To God be all the glory for all these marvelous works in my life and in the lives of my family. Blessed be God forever!!!
    – Tessy Ejikeme - Okoli

    1. God be praised! To Him alone be all the glory!

    From Glory to Glory. I came to return ALL Glory to God whose words are ever valid. In Shiloh 2014, I got the instruction to sow my car as my Shiloh sacrifice which me my wife happily sold the ONLY jeep and gave the money to God. Same year, God blessed us with a Wonderful baby girl, Bless my wife with a wonderful Job and our finances was on the increase. In this year of Glory, as I engaged in gathering of soul and kingdom advancement prayers, God blessed us with another super car and to crown it all, I got a double promotion in my place of work when other were asked to go. I return ALL Glory to the Lord of Bishop David Oyedepo, My Father for confirming His words in my life.
    Chibuike E.I

  6. My name is Oladele Olalekan Waliu, i gave my life to Christ in 1994, but i joined this commission 2014 with no identity of any Spiritual family. I was jobless since February,2016. I went to my uncle for assistance as a result of my joblessness, and he asked me to return back to the church, winners, since i have started worshiping with them to help me look for job. This lead me to attend youth alive convention, tagged "rescue agent" then i had an encounter with the Holy-Ghost anointing. During operation bring many in the month of August i was asked to re-WOFBI, it was there the God of vengeance started revealing to me the misery about my life, also for divers breakthrough of signs and wonders, also for molding my destiny to discover global exploit vision all within three months. Truly God of winner is a faithful God, to him alone be all the glory, honor and adoration. for me and my family.

    1. To God be the glory. He is indeed a faithful God!

  7. Pray for a financial release today

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Am here to testify to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil. It all started when I was given admission into the university in 2009.i had problem in the first year that made me to repeat and repeat again.when I entered second year I had so many references at the faculty level but God helped me.when we were preparing for our IT in 400l,our coodinator told me that I won't be going because I had issue with him but I got angry in my spirit that day and I told him that it can only happen if Bishop oyedepo is not serving a living God, he started threatening my hod because of me but God showed up and my name was shortlisted.
    And again in 400l I register more than the required credit unit using Heb11.32-34 as my anchor scripture and heaven granted them for.i have come to rerun all the glory to the God of oyedepo for indeed he has wiped away my tears and shame and has clothed me with His glory and honour.

  10. Am here to testify to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil. It all started when I was given admission into the university in 2009.i had problem in the first year that made me to repeat and repeat again.when I entered second year I had so many references at the faculty level but God helped me.when we were preparing for our IT in 400l,our coodinator told me that I won't be going because I had issue with him but I got angry in my spirit that day and I told him that it can only happen if Bishop oyedepo is not serving a living God, he started threatening my hod because of me but God showed up and my name was shortlisted.
    And again in 400l I register more than the required credit unit using Heb11.32-34 as my anchor scripture and heaven granted them for.i have come to rerun all the glory to the God of oyedepo for indeed he has wiped away my tears and shame and has clothed me with His glory and honour.

  11. praise the lord.im joseph thompson and iv come to return glory unto GOD for his mighty hands upon me.After my graduation i took football as a career,and it was going on well until 2010 doing one of our CAF champions league games i was injured[knee injury]and that has been a threat to my career for years but thanks to GOD for his healing.2014 i started playing back i secured a team which the pay wasnt that good i left after a year....to the glory of GOD doing shiloh 2016 papa declared that somebody is called jobless and this is december,as soon as you are out of shiloh you are getting your miracle job and also that somebody will receive a call that night/the next day....glory to GOD i receive mine,not only that but my contract paper was sent to me to sign before travelling out.To GOD be glory i travelled on the 26th december 2016 to resume with my new club in lebanon.waooo GOD IS GREAT,THANK YOU JESUS.joseph thompson[beirut lebanon]

  12. I want to give God all d glory,I keyed unto the last operation in 2016, when papa kept speaking that the eleventh hour is everybody hour.I had earlier started listening to papa messages online but didn't participate until November when I needed a divine intervention,in my life,I decided to say kingdom investment prayers with fasting for d last 21 days.God indeed showed up,after hearing a testimony of a brother that got his results changed after praying kingdom prayers.i engaged vigorously and to my amazement,I got 3 quantum leaps testimonies b4 d end of the year,I av written an exam for almost 8 times n suddenly I passed it in Dec,not only that I got a miracle job and l passed my driving test,I am awaiting my 4th testimony n still engaging online,May the name of d Lord be praised forever more.May God bless bishop David oyedepo and pastor David,you have really been a source of blessing to me. L.J is the testifier

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  16. Am here to return all the glory to God almighty for the life of my parents.On the 6th of june 2017,my mum got an attack in the night,i was asleep when i heard her calling my name in my sleep, i ran out of my room only to find my mum on the floor in the bathroom, she couldn't talk or stand. i hurriedly called my dad and brother, she was lifted and carried to the sitting room.immediately i took the a flyer of Bishop David Oyedepo with my anointing oil. i anointed her whole body and poured anointing oil into her mouth, i placed the flyer on her body and prayed that the God of Bishop Oyedepo heal her.after some minutes she stood up and started dancing and praising God. after about twenty mins she couldn't feel her hands and legs. she was rushed to the hospital the following morning and it was confirmed that my mum has partial stroke. but i believe in jeremiah 30:17. that says "i will restore health unto you and heal you of your wounds". i believe that the God of Bishop David Oyedepo who has started the healing process will perfect it in her life and she will be able to walk again.pls join me to pray for perfect healing in the health of my mum and dad who are both sick.

  17. My case is different. My name is Odoh Abraham. I attend the head quarter church, but live at Gowon Estate, Egbeda, Lagos.
    I have had gnawing pains in my abdomen for up-to 2 years now. Also I have battled piles for over 10 years which is often accompanied with rectal bleeding after visiting the rest room.
    However, last week, I visited the rest room only to notice that my stool was charcoal-black. Repeated visits saw same effect. When I called my doctor, he said that I was bleeding internally in my abdomen and recommended a series of expensive tests which I paid for. He said I had developed ulcer, which I rejected to his face.
    I took a week off from work to deal with the issue sitting on the relevant books,the Bible and intense prayers reminding the Lord about His covenant as I engage in both evangelism regularly with soul-proofs whom I often help convey to church on Sundays as well as engage in minimum two hours kingdom prayers every night.
    Last night,9th August, 2016 during the service, I trusted God for a touch of His power as His servant ministered. After the communion, I knew that I got my healing.
    I ventured to challenge what I was advised not to eat:pepery food. Amazingly, I feel absolutely perfect and normal. No pains or discomfort has been felt till now.
    I give the Lord the glory. His word of power is real.
    Thank you Jesus.

  18. It has turned to me for a testimony
    I have been stagnated for a year Pius now, and I have obeyed all the instructions from the altar, still nothing is working. I need you all to join me in prayer. I'm tired of my present situation, I need a change of story.
    I'm still believing God

    1. Matt6:33 is the answer to any situation if u continue to engage with it the blessings of Job 36:11 will follow. I'm a witness God bless u

  19. Since I joined the commission in 2016, I stopped having ceaseless nightmares and pains in my womb. I now have sound sleep every night. Praise God.

  20. I want to glorify the God of this commission for healing me. I attended the enough is enough service on the 20th of August 2017 wherewith prophetic blessings were released into the annointing oil.On the 30th of August 2017 after the Covenant hour of prayer i wanted to use the toilet but i found it really hard to bring it out so i just suspended it but later when i wanted to have my bath i felt very uncomfortable and i wanted to try to use the toilet again and the Holy Spirit told me to take the annointing oil before going and when i took a shot of the oil to the glory of God and the shame of the devil it finally came out i was so reliebed!. THERE IS POWER IN THE ANNOINTING!. I want to thank the God of Bishop David Oyedepo


    his product is by far the best plan for treating fibroids naturally...the practical step by step instructions and the detailed information regarding the real cause and how to treat uterine fibroids were a real eye opener. I started dr williams medication after intense bleeding and pain which occurred during one of my rehearsals (I am a professional violinist).I was later that week diagnosed with 2 medium sized fibroids which placed an enormous pressure on my bladder. I was advised by 3 different doctors to undergo surgery to remove these fibroids as I was told that there was nothing I could do to shrink or stop their growth. Luckily, I ran into dr williams by accident as I was searching for information on the net regarding my condition. I was so relieved to have found that surgery was not always the answer, that it can be dangerous and that uterine fibroid can return even after surgical intervention. In less than 4 weeks of taking dr williams herbal portion and following his instruction, both of my fibroid had shrunk by 100% and the second ultrasound taken 7 weeks after I began taking dr williams medication, had shown that both of these were completely gone. I also my periods became regular. and now am three months old pregnant, you can contact his email address on drwilliams098675@gmail.com for advice and for his product.

  22. please how can submit my own testimony online especially in this portal.

    1. My name is Noah Austin,I give thank to God of Oyedipo for deliver from the nightmare.How ever i have been eating in the dream since 2015 up to date and also this evil spirit that used to unpressed me every night of life,some time both night i day i experience this always eating in the dream,there no rejection each time i was offer the foods in the dream i always eat and eat along side with this spirit of suppression,i have prayed and prayed each time i for forgot to pray they will come after me sometime when i prayed before sleeping they will come with awoman to make love with me in other to frustrate my prayer.I am not a constant member of the church but some time i used attend,during the Shiloh 2017 a friend of my invited me i only attended once i and prayed that is end of the problem, this is my third night 11-12-2017 there no more nightmare i give thank God Of Oyedipo,noahtaiye@12Gmail.com

  23. What a great and inspiring story! I was married for seven years without any child, because of this my husband start acting strange, coming home lately and not spending time with me any more and he divorced me. So i became very sad and lost in life because my doctor told me there is no way for me to get pregnant this really make life miserable for me. until i came across a friend who told me about Baba Alika from the Internet, how he has helped a lot of women with this similar problems that i am going through so i contacted him on: (babaalikahealinghome@yahoo.com) and explained to him. he told me all what to provide before he could cast a reunite spell to bring back my husband which i did and he sent a powerful prayer which i had to say at mid night while he cast the love spell. It was a miracle, 24 hours later my one and only husband came back to me and apologize for all he has done and told me he is fully ready to support me in any thing i want,i quickly call Baba Alika and told him what was going on at that moment and he also prepared and sent me a herbal medicine which he said it will cure every unwanted diseases or infections that has been stopping me from conceiving then instructed me on how to use it before meeting with my husband. Behold after using this native herbs and root, few weeks later i started feeling pregnancy signs all over me, truly i was pregnant i just gave birth to twins (boys) on the 1st of this month. I Vow to let the whole world know about Baba Alika for saving my relationship and for also giving me children i can proudly call my own today. For any woman who think it impossible, here is an opportunity for you to smile and bring happiness to your family kindly contact Baba Alika via Email on: (babaalikahealinghome@yahoo.com). Indeed, he is a God sent to bring back lost lovers and bring you happiness..

  24. My new dawn! School starts in a week. I pray for a miracle where my mother's and my study permit is approved before then!my testimonies will be shared this Sunday. Amen!

    Praise the lord!! I want to appreciate the name of the God of this commission because indeed He has confirmed His word in my life..Papa made a prophecy that before 2017 is over according to the prophetic word that as many as desire miracle Jobs in 2017 It will come to pass,0n the 24th of December, pastor David also made the same declaration,many will get their miracle before 2017 is over ,and shared how people got Jobs on Christmas Day..I believe the word but I wondered how it will happen..On Christmas Day service, Pastor David gave us a new light from Gods word about What Christmas really and I bless God For that Word .I asked Jesus to give me a Christmas gift from Him to me , by giving me a Job before 2017.At about 5:35pm on Christmas Day I got a mail to be the operation supervisor of a pharmacy company,What an humorous God .I screamed and I shed tears of Joy,like God is this how God and swift you are ...I am still a surprise to myself ,because ideally the pharmacy company should not be doing any recruitment but God Could not wait because He had to confirm the word of His servant..I was called for discussion and the whole work schedule is favorable because I remember telling God I don't want a Job that will take my Sundays..The company headquarters is close to my house so I don't have to pay for any transportation,to crown it all when I start band am to supervise other branches of the company I will be taken in the company's car and the Pay is also very favorable..I am still in shock of Gods acts.Secondly,i sowed my last penny as SHILOH 2017 sacrifice and on the 26 of December I got almost thrice that money...JESUS IS TOO SWEET TO SERVE AND THE GOD OF PAPA OYEDEPO IS THE ONLY TRUE GOD...I am grateful and too excited and I bless God for bringing me in contact with this commission where God truly His..Praise the lord!!!

  26. I am from Ghana, I had been single for a long while, And i decided i must marry by the end of 2015; Normally when i meet a lady everything will be going on fine but when i make a proposal, they will tell me they like me but for marriage i must wait,,and they waiting always does not end; so i decided to go to Cannanland for prayers, At that same time Kenneth Copeland was slated to hold a program there, i got his book; One word from God and read it and put everything to practice, I prayed to God the first night for 4 hours in the night..the next day i sat in a position , now when Kenneth Copeland was entering the Auditorium he stretched out his hand and greeted me; then i said in my heart this is a great sign..After the meeting Papa requested for the entourage from Ghana to meet him, after our meeting with him, he prayed with us, so i returned to Ghana on 5th May 2015, in September 2015 my fiancee agreed to marry me .. My Pastor Illorin prayed with me and supported my wife and i in prayers,and by December we married. God surprised us by causing people to give to our bossom and paid for our venue.. To God alone be the Glory. May God Honor our Papa.. David Oyedepo and God bless Pastor Illorin and Pastor Muyiwa .Hans.. Winners Chapel International .. Industrial Area..

    2016 and 2017 Was a turning point in my life;I was born in the U.K. therefore as a citizen i was entitled to own a British Passport for my travels.My mum and i traveled to Ghana with one passport. I wanted to have my citizenship and the documents they were requesting for, were not forthcoming; i had been living in Ghana for over 30 years, so all the records the Embassy were requesting for were not forthcoming.but my case is truly different, If God be for me who can be against me; Papa used to say that there the sent word..so i held on to the sent word and prayed several times at the early morning prayers, prayed with the Man of God Pastor Muyiwa, several times, i kept on praying at Praised and prayed at midnights and God came through for me, over these period they were communicating to me via emails and requested for numerous documents to confirm my identity.until they booked me for an interview in their embassy in Ghana. I was very nervous but the Man of God encouraged me and told me be still and see the salvation of the Lord..The Passport was released to me in the next 20 days..after over 30 years.. this is truly the doing of the Lord.I am actually speechless.Truly with God nothing shall be impossible. I applied for it in December and the British Passport was released to me in October. Psalm 126:1-6.. what a mighty God we serve.God is good all the time. This is new Dawn Era. (L.Hans) God bless and increase Bishop Oyedepo and his family...

      God gave me a second chance and he proof to my enemies that he has just started his work in my life. On the first of January God proofed to me that this is my year, that fateful afternoon my called me he was coming to visit me at my house and he asked if I was around I said yes that I am he said his on his way I said OK call me when u get to my gate, he called is at my gate as I was coming out the the gate fell on how I managed to escape I don't the was so heavy that it smash 8 people at once. As that was not enough on 7th of January God showed me he is my, on my way to Abuja my brother and my two friends where traveling with us inside a new Toyota Camry big daddy my sister just bought for my dad which she has not yet payed for 1.6 million nira, while I was driving the from Lagos to Abuja on Benni ore expressway when suddenly and that I was about to overtake hit our car from the taking our own car at off the road and the car summasuted multiple times into the bush. God in his infinite goodness gave me a supernatural strength beyond my imagination and immediately I came out of the car all I can hear from inside the car is brother help us and the was on fire immediately I entered in from the back door and brought everyone out of the car before the went on fire completely. Am here to say thank you JESUS

    It's my new dawn greeting in Jesus name.
    Driving on my way to Abuja from Lagos on the 17th of January 2018 during d 21days of prayers and fasting which I did partake of fully, at abaji area lies some group of armed men's on d road which I ran into but the holy spirit just said reverse and with in second I did, on no to me that they were at both side of the road, two of them from my right and left hand of the road started firing the vehicle with their guns but the God of this commission did not let any of the bullets hit anyone inside the car, even though two tyres was hit but God didn't let any of the tyres go down until I parked d vehicle at a place cos the scripture said he will give is Angel charged over me less I dash my against a stone, that was how I escape with 5bullets holes on the vehicle without a scratch on any of us in the vehicle. To God I have come to give all the glory.

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  31. My name is lucky, I have been having pains in my penis after the Shiloh of 2018 God hear me, i want to thank God of oyedepo....n aldo he as done so many things in my life

  32. i never believed that their could be any complete cure for fibroid with out going for surgery ,i saw people’s testimony on blog sites and Facebook page of how Dr Omohan prepare herbal cure for different king of disease,and with the help of his herb they where able to shrink there fibroid naturally. i had to try it too and you can,t believe that in just few weeks i started using it all my pains stop gradually . Right now i want to tell you all that i just give birth to a baby boy last month,and on thin now i have not had any pain, and i have just went for text last week and the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of any fibroid in my system . Glory be to God for leading me to this great Dr omohan I am so happy as i am sharing this testimony. My advice to you all who thinks that their is no herbal cure for fibroid that is Not true ,just contact him and get cure throughhis email: dromohanherbalmedicine@gmail.com or whatsapp +2348164816038

  33. Good morning, I am Ayodeji. On Tuesday 22nd January, I started reading "Breaking Financial Hardship" by Bishop Oyedepo, and I read the book with much enthusiasm & high expectations. Indeed I wanted a divine turnaround in my finances and so I kept confessing the words of Faith as the bishop stated in the book. Lo and behold, I finished reading on Thursday night, and as at Friday morning, the very first text message I received was a credit alert!!!

    What baffled me the most is that I hadn't started sowing seeds (my salary hadn't been paid as the month hadn't ended), the best I did was to CONFESS THE WORDS OF THAT BOOK BY FAITH. But God showed me that Faith alone is enough for divine providence... I just want to give Him all the Glory and Thanks because for the first time in my life I've experienced divine provision in practical terms... just after reading & believing... Glory be to God!!

  34. GOD of BISHOP DAVID OYEDEPO is proving and reproving the liberation mandate and HE will prove himself in my life and family this year before operation rescue is over Amen and Amen

  35. ITS MY DOMINION. I joined this commission in 2014, but dropped on the way through wayward and ugodly lifestyle. On April 2016 i met a lady and had an ungodly act with her, not knowing she was diagnosed of HIV/AIDs. I got to find out she was a carrier of the virus. I was scared i contacted the virus due to the symptoms i was having. I realized God was the only solution to the problem. I came back to this church and rededicated my life to Christ in one of the sunday services and repented of my sinful lifestyle. I believed God for miracle healing because i heard how God healed people with similar disease in this church. I started engaging in all the prophetic instructions coming from the altar of God in this commission. In one of the communion services, Papa said no matter the kind of sickness and disease anyone is suffering from that through the communion table such disease will be terminated, I screamed on top of my voice and believed wholeheartedly that i was going to receive my healing via the communion table. I took the communion by faith and believed the blood of Jesus was going to purify me and make me whole. To cut the story short, i went for a test and i tested negative to the virus, even till now (2019) i'm still negative. I'm healed forever and have totally given my life to christ and serving him as a steward in this commission,never to go back again to my old life of sin. To God be the Glory i am healed forever.


  36. I was heal of hiv in Shiloh 2017 and it came back after some days..pls man of God help me I need a touch

  37. God of this commission is great

  38. I want to return all the glory to the God of this commission,am a serving corps member deployed to serve at Akwaibom state,at the close of the camp I was attached with serious malaria on 19th of December 2019,it persisted but tonight being 20th December 2019 after listening to papa prophetic healing utterance, I receive my healing immediately. To God alone be all the glory
    Ajayi shola Ezekiel 08135307774

  39. Hope in God, is faithful. brethren!

  40. Praise the LORD, I return all the Glory to God,I participated in 2nd service today being5th April 2020,via domi radio and when Papa ministered healing I placed my hand on my eyes cos that's where I was hurting, now I can read small letters,no more blurring to the Glory of God and I believe whatever God does is permanent, Hallelujah Chinwe ,katsina state

  41. I have come to return all the glory to the God of this great commission who has used Bishop David Oyedepo to liberate people out of bondage. For many years my family attended a church, but when my daughter returned from school she insisted that we join the Winners Family with her, she joined LIVING FAITH CHURCH at school(2010) and she has completed her WOFBI so she insisted we leave our church and join her in attending winners, that our life will change spiritually, physically and financially that she was not happy with our condition after many years, I did not welcome the idea because I was a branch pastor in that church. In 2018, coming from work I saw Bishop David Oyedepo ministering at Toll Gate, I stood and listened, and then asked myself that if a great man of God like PAPA can come out for outreach, then I must join this commission, as I got home I shared with my family and they welcomed it, in October 2018 my family joined this commission and in less than two month things turned around, I got the staff award of the year in my office, after eight (8) years of service, my home project received speed. In 2019, my wife enrolled for the WOFBI, I also joined the first part time classes and on the last day of WOFBI a home cell was planted in my house and my life received a turn around, after Shiloh 2019 I was promoted, I used to be the company driver and miraculously without any qualifications I now hold one of the top position in the company. My wife has completed her BCC, LCC and LDC, my daughter introduction took place and I shall be returning to thank God for a successful marriage ceremony. I and my family has come to return all the Glory to the God of this great commission.

    Mr. Joel .A.O and family

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    Bro Arowofila oladimeji
    Ushering units
    LFC akure ondo Rd,ondo state

  43. I have dominion ,i pray to God for admissions into the university ,and i listen to papa preaching saying through thanksgiving all thing are possible ,so i engaged to that word by thanking God for granting me admission even when the list is not yet out and there was a time a list came out and my name was not there but instead of me to get sad i told my friend there is no way my name won't be there that more list is still coming out but that same day the cancel the list that came out but glory be to God the list was later relist the following week and my name was among the fist batch i was so much happy but my parent were worried about my school because the university is a state university ,but i wasn't bother at all about the school fees then i told my mom not to worried because i know God is not going to fail me i just have that strong believe and glory be to God ,helper just beginning to raise up for to the extend that i have more than enough for my school fees even still now when i know my parents does not have the means to pay my school fees I'm not worried because i know I'm serving a living God.

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    During the last Enough is Enough Sunday, I came with my list, and during the prophetic declaration by God's servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, he proclaimed that this week, we will commence ticking of the items and return them as testimonies. I keyed into this and after the last service, I went towards the altar and laid my request again. I called my wife the next morning and said, recall your nanny for the baby as this week will be very busy. She stared at me in disbelief but I cared less because I had this strong conviction in the spirit. Same day,in the evening a friend called and asked me to send across my CV as a job she was previously interested in, she lost interest due to distance and felt I can do it better. I sent it across and I was asked to come for interview the next day. I went for the interview and God granted me grace. I returned home from that interview with my transport fare fully paid by my interviewer. I was called the next day for the second interview. I went and the Lord God granted more favours and in same week, I was called to resume the next Monday for a role that never existed prior to that time in the organisation and with an official vehicle attached to me.

    As if God is not done with my family, same week one of my kid brother got a job, and just last week, another was employed. In less than two weeks a family with no graduate working got two graduates employed and one undergraduate (in his penultimate year) employed.

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