FT News

This is a monthly publication of the Press and Publicity Unit. It contains the following:
An overview of the sermon, Striking testimonies, Gist Around the Tabernacle, Book Review, Other newsy items, special reports, interviews, punchy, Christian quotes, etc. 
The hard copies are always pasted on the notice boards around the Faith Tabernacle and as the Lord liveth, it shall soon become a twice-in-a-month publication that will be made available to many Winners.  




1. On sermon, we have "The Wonders of Godliness" by Bro. Kel
2. On Gist Around the Tabernacle, we have "A harvest of weddings" by Bro. Lucky
3. For book review, we have "Conquering Controlling Powers" by Bro. Suleiman, and
4. In the spirit of the season, We have "Shiloh in Retrospect" by Bro. Tope

Read the hard copy next Sunday on the notice boards at Faith Tabernacle, Ota or subscribe to this blog via your email address and have it delivered to your inbox.
Be blessed as you read. May the Spirit enter you as you read in Jesus name.

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