I Prophesy Over You This Week!!! (By Bishop David Oyedepo)

  • This month marks the end of shame and reproach in your life!
  • You will be guided to where your throne is waiting in the name of Jesus!
  • The Lord will open the door to your enthronement!
  • God is leading you to wealth in secret places in Jesus’ name!
  • I pray that God will visit you and change your story!
  • Anyone who stands on the way of God’s leading for you shall be crushed!
  • You will never mis-invest your time, money or energy again!
  • No matter those who are gathered against you, I see them scattered by the power of God in Jesus' name!
  • By the visitation of God in your life, that buried potential is coming back to life!
  • I decree the opening of your spiritual ears and spiritual eyes in Jesus' name!
  • You may have been written-off, but I see God opening your destiny!
  • What eyes have not seen nor ears heard shall be unveiled to you this week in the name of Jesus!
  • As God opens your spiritual eyes today, I command that you begin to see where He is leading you!
  • I decree that you will never miss the voice of His Majesty again!
  • From today, you will not miss God’s plans for your life in the name of Jesus!
  • No more steps of regret in your life!
  • This month shall be your best month yet!
  • Pray this: God, open my spiritual eyes and ears in order to see what You have in store for me in Jesus' name.

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