“I PROPHESY OVER YOU THIS WEEK” --- Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo Prophetic declarations
Bishop David Oyedepo
Every tormentor in your household is silenced right now in the name of Jesus!
Anywhere your tormentors are, the lightning of God will strike them down in Jesus’ name!
Receive grace to continue serving God in Jesus’ name!
I see the best of God answering for you!
Every intention of the wicked is brought to naught in the name of Jesus!
Any yoke in any aspect of your life that is causing unsettlement is declared destroyed in Jesus’ name!
You shall flourish!

God is a God of suddenly and He will intervene in your situation suddenly in the name of Jesus!
Your ups and downs end today in the name of Jesus!
Your spiritual life is declared settled!
I see rest answering in every area of your life!
If Jesus tarries, you will live as long as you desire!
Whatever is a source of sorrow in your life ends today in the name of Jesus!
That situation is overturned to a testimony this hour Jesus’ name!
By the anointing, an end comes to every unsettlement in your life!
This week is your week of supernatural breakthroughs!
I release you into your week of bumper harvest!

The unusual must happen in your life this week in the name of Jesus!

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  1. Hi Bishop Oyedepo. Your ministry has been more wonderful to me (SHILOH). since I entered this meeting about three years ago, there has always been something new happening in my life and I want to appreciate GOD for you. in any case that I want to support, how do I get through. My email address is godsentmetotakeover2@yahoomail.com. My name is Garmai A. Cyrus. I am a Liberian


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