Delivered from siege of the wicked (excreted mango seed) via the flesh and blood of Jesus
I travelled to the village on the 29th of December 2014. On getting to the village, immediately I entered my father’s compound, I discovered that my legs where swollen. Just as we were trying to do something about it, my stomach became swollen.  I became paralyzed and couldn’t move my arm and legs.  I was taken to the hospital and took various kinds of herbal medicine and nothing changed. I was told to rush back to Lagos because the person responsible for my predicament was in the midst of where we were. My wife carried me with wheel chair to the airport and we came to Lagos. On getting to Lagos we visited various hospitals and herbal homes we spent lot of money to no avail.
One Saturday morning, three brothers came to my house and said that Bishop David Oyedepo sent them to go out to preach to people. They told me that I need the perfection of God’s healing in my life via the blood and body of Jesus Christ which I started taking. A member of my family then came to my house telling me that if I take a drum of the blood of Jesus and a bucket of the body nothing will happen. The person said that I need to go and offer sacrifice to a deity in my village called agbala but I refused.
Fortunately, that was the season of operation rescue, I keyed into the prophetic word from the altar, I also keyed into Mathew 6:33. I started going out for evangelism (evening raid).  I partook of the communion and couldn’t walk. Thereafter I excreted a mango seed.
…… David Mba

Rescued from Death
I joined this commission in year 2009, the year I lost my husband. Last month after Papa conducted anointing service, my son asked me to tell his wife to come over, that he had an accident.  On our way to the hospital, we heard people discussing about the same accident. By the time I got to the hospital the wife was crying. She said that my son was already on his side and the vehicle that hit him was on a high speed. He was also having internal bleeding.. The driver of the other vehicle and 5 others died on the spot but nothing happened to my son. It was only one boy who sat at the centre of my son’s car that died instantly and others sustained injuries but I don’t know how God managed to rescue my son because if you see the wreckage of the jeep, no fowl could escape unhurt.
God had earlier laid in my heart to take along with me Papa’s 30th year anniversary cloth with his picture and Mama’s picture as a mantle. So I placed the (Mantle) anniversary cloth on his chest because he was shouting pains all over his chest.  My son tied a mantle on his hand and I poured anointing oil of that previous Sunday on him and started prophesying on him. When doctors were to conduct a test on him I asked them not to remove the mantle and all along he was crying of pains on his chest. But to my greatest surprise within 5 days he became normal and healthy again. I have come to return all the glory to God almighty.
…… Elizabeth Obebedo

Delivered From Bad Dream
I used to have bad dreams and did see dead body in my dream. Immediately somebody brought me to this church, I gave my life to Christ and keyed into the prayer points, and I attended WOFBI, immediately I ended the WOFBI God delivered me.
……Joseph Woda

Career Breakthrough
On 30th September, I sat for my ACCA. This was the second time I was sitting for the exam. When the result came out, I failed and decided to ask God what was wrong. During the wonder double season, I engaged vigorously. Also during the Hosanna night, I danced myself out of failure and four days later I got a mail from ACCA London stating that they were sorry for the error and that my actual score was 64%.  I was so surprised.  I give glory to God for this.
……Obianwu Deborah

Career Breakthrough
In 2011, I failed a medical professional exam and as a result I was stagnated for a while. I was invited to this church by my friend, hopeless and dejected but later God helped me.  I passed my professional exams miraculously and God also connected me to my husband and now we are married miraculously.
…… Okeke Ngozi

Rescued From Kidnappers
My husband was kidnapped on the 12th of September 2015; on the sixth day of the fast that was proclaimed towards the Operation Rescue. He is a pastor in Winners Chapel, the Port Harcourt branch. He was coming from church where the pastors went to pray towards the Sunday service and as he drove into the compound, three kidnappers, armed with gun followed him and pushed the security man aside and took him husband away for 12 days.
His abduction left me embittered for few days and I could not pray properly. This made me ask God why He allowed this to happen to me. Some days later, I fell sick and was taken to the hospital. There the Doctor told me I would be on admission. It was at this point I knew Satan wanted to use the opportunity to do something terrible to my family and so I vehemently rejected to be admitted at the hospital. I went on a three day fast and another seven day fast. After  that I also went on another three days fast and I took a with me  7 scriptures with 7 reasons why my husband must come back to me alive. After praying this prayer on Sunday which was the 20th of September, God told me that I needed to praise him and not to pray again. I switched on to praises. On Monday the 21st by divine connection, someone called Bishop Abioye’s secretary and then the PA said Bishop Abioye would talk to me shortly which he did. He declared that in the next 48hrs my husband would be released. By the grace of God on Wednesday my husband was released.
I just want to thank God for the God of my father’s Bishop David Oyedepo and Bishop David Abioye for confirming his rescue operation in my family. May Him alone be all the Glory, Amen.
……Deaconess Dolapo Ayepekun

Healed From Tooth Ache
My name is Bertin Francis and I am from Cameroun. I originally came from Cameroun to Nigeria to visit Synagogue Church of all Nation for deliverance from the tooth ache that had been disturbing me for some time now. I had wanted to remove the tooth but I said no until I see a man of God. But I did not get the opportunity to see  Pastor T. B Joshua the man of God in that Church but as God  would have it someone from this Church gave me the flyer for today’s communion service. With faith, I started putting the flyer on my jaw and kept rubbing it on my jaw and cheek. I also kept asking God to heal me through this man of God though I have never met him before in my life but my instinct told me that he is a real man of God.
Even in my dreams he was appearing to me and said that his father sent him to me. In one of the dreams he appeared and said follow me and took me to the mountain top, on a very fine hill and said my father will come and take you. Then someone appeared and came from my back and said follow me I am Abraham. He took me to a pool of water and asked me to wash my hands in the pool of water. He then said to me go back to where I came from. On getting to the mountain the man of God appeared to me again and held my hands and led me from the mountain. That was when I woke up and realized I was dreaming. It has been one week now and I have not taken my tooth ache medication that I usually take to suppress the pains. Even to my greatest surprise, I had thrown all the drugs away and no pains since then. Praise the Lord!
…… Bertin Francis (Cameroun)

Delivered From a Ghastly Motor Accident
I want to thank God for saving me from death. On Friday morning I woke up and brought out my mantle. I placed it on my fore head, prayed and asked God for His protection. I anointed myself and left. I took a taxi and the driver was on a high speed. Suddenly, we encountered a big pothole which he could not avoid. He lost control of the vehicle and we were off the road.  
The car started somersaulting on the express way. I want to thank God specially because no other vehicle was coming towards our direction and both of us came out alive. The driver only sustained some minor injuries but nothing happened to me. I am returning all the glory to God almighty.
……Francis Iroko

Healed Of Growth in the Body and Boil
Last Sunday I came to the service with a very painful boil and growth under my armpit. During the service, God’s servant said every age long ordeal will be destroyed. But in the midst of the pain, I still danced very well. During the week I noticed that the growth reduced and on Wednesday the growth and the boil had disappeared. I have come to give God all the glory.
…… Victoria Awogbindin

Delivered from Four Years Miscarriage
I give all the glory for delivering me from destruction. I have had miscarriage for the past four years. The last midweek service I took the communion and as I got home, I started feeling body pains and I noticed that I just had another miscarriage. When I woke up in the morning I started feeling pains around my waist, I tried to urinate but immediately I found biscuit on my private part. I thank God for setting me free from destruction.
……Favor Nwakeze

Deliverance from Death

When I was praising God on my way to the church, I felt a sensation in my head like a horn was coming out of my head. This was a confirmation of what God’s servant said on the altar. I tried to see God’s servant but I couldn’t. Last year the devil struck and I lost my husband and I went to the village for the burial. My husband’s people said my husband died because I didn’t serve the river and I will also die soon. I rejected their verdict and declared that I won’t die in Jesus name but will live to declare the good works of God. This is November now and I am still alive. I give God all the glory.
……Opute Evelyn

Double Promotion within 9 Months of Employment
During the wonder double agenda, when Papa asked us to pray for souls, I did. Even my children got sick by them but I didn’t pray for them, instead I continued to pray for the souls and God healed my son. In my place of work, I was promoted twice within nine months of employment.   To God be all the Glory.
……Mrs. Abimbola Bassey

For good four months, I was unable to sleep. After that Sunday service, God revealed to me to take communion alone and I did. I got healed and now, I’m having a sound sleep. Praise God
…… Shade Dada

Healed Of Back Ache by Kingdom Service
I walked into last Sunday service with my waist bending and I could not stand right. When the service finished, Papa said that the problem that followed you here will not follow you back to the house. I said oh yes but the devil beat me to that. So I now set another one for myself as God has said to me that I will not need any medication to take care of myself. I gave myself to kingdom service and participated in the first phase week of Wonder Double and second week of Wonder Double and backaches cannot be my reward. Sunday evening I was down, Monday and Tuesday morning, I was down. By Tuesday night, I set to my God that my healing is sure and I picked up Papa’s book, Healing Balm and read about a woman that was bending for 8 years. I said, I cannot wait for 8 days, I told God that I was going to be healed in his theatre. Lo and behold by Wednesday 8.30, God healed me. Before, I must put my hand to my lap and see whether I can carry the leg. Now I can walk, I give praise to God.         
…… Akindejoye Orimisan

New Convert Called Back To Work after Embarking In Soul Winning
I came to testify of what God did in the life of my new convert, Uchenna Oniomo. Gotten at last month’s evening Raid and I invited him to church. Here in church, he gave his life to Christ. I also invited him to the midweek service. He told me that he was laid off from work two months ago over a minor issue without salary and as a result he got depressed and started taking alcohol. I encouraged him in the lord and relayed to him testimonies of those who were blessed as a result of kingdom service. We both did evangelism on Friday on the last day of week of emphasis and won 7 souls; we invited them to church and Special Communion service and one of the souls invited two people making nine. I had the urge to pray for him after WSF service for his job that God will restore him even as Shiloh approaches. Lo and behold he got a call 6 hours after 3rd service to resume work. We have come to give glory to God.               
……Iraboh Franca



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