Shiloh Diary 1

For the first time as the 16th Shiloh entered day-2, we had a two-hour prayer period called Shiloh Prayer Hour, thereby opening the day’s proceedings. It lasted from 5:30 to 7:30 am. And the first word was delivered by the first biological son of the prophet, Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr. He spoke on “Understanding Our Root in the Supernatural.” Here are some punchy quotes from his insightful sermon which got his father, nodding in admiration:”a child whom I gave birth to, and later met me in the word is now teaching me the bible’, opined an elated Bishop David Oyedepo afterwards.

“The supernatural life means being in the world and yet being separate from it in terms of experience and proofs.” (Rom. 8:9)
“Everything that God created is waiting for the sons of God to prove who they are.”
“Christianity is not an emblem but a life with proofs.”
“There is a kind of glory that natural men carry; there’s one that celestial men carry…you will look like a man but will be manifesting like a god.”
“The supernatural means superior to the natural.”
“When an individual gets born again, he has a new capacity deposited in him. The spirit of a man is the engine of the man. When a new engine is put into a vehicle, that vehicle is no longer the same.”
“If you are born-again, you are born a sign in the order of Christ. If Jesus was a sign, you are also supposed to be a sign.”
“It is only children that celebrate promises; mature men take responsibility.”
The UK-based Pastor, and father of two, ended his teaching by reeling out ways to ‘activate’ the supernatural which, among others include labour in the Word by hearing and studying God’s Word. According to David Jnr, the study of scriptures gives right to approval of man.”
Further scriptural references: Exodus 4:17; Rom.10:17; Deut.28:1; 2Tim.2:15.

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