At exactly 7:47pm, Faith Tabernacle time, Papa, the prophet over the commission bellowed ‘Glory to the Lord’ and then burst into worship:“All the glory must be onto the Lord…”
He started by declaring why every word at Shiloh has always come to pass. According to him, it is because God always commands it, quoting Lamentations 3:37. Then it was time to declare Shiloh 2014 open! Time was 7:50pm, Winners’ time, with these words:
“And as heaven come down at Shiloh 2014, expect every of your graves to be opened;
Expect a supernatural turnaround;
Expect a sudden spiritual turnaround;
Expect sudden lifting to come your way;
Expect breakthrough in your life;
Expect supernatural lifting in your spiritual life;
Expect your liberation suddenly.”
Then, concerning Shiloh 2014, the man of God continued: “I kept hearing from the Spirit of the Lord, ‘in a moment; in a twinkling of an eye, we shall all be changed.” He added: “God’s advancement is never regular; it’s always supernatural.”
Then he gave assurances to those who are participating in this annual ‘convocation,’ “by keeping this appointment with God, it is your turn for a supernatural advancement in life. Expect to return from here a bonafide citizen of heaven commanding dominion on earth.”
Therefore, in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost, Shiloh 2014 is declared open.”
And that was it; the whole assembly erupted in rapturous cheers and shouts of halleluiah. And the time check was 7:54pm, still Faith Tabernacle time. Then Papa left the altar to Bishop Aremu for other announcement as well as closing.

Watch out for more updates at Shiloh 2014. And also share with your friends. It is time for The Powers of The World To Come. That will be the crux of the next story.

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