He Just Won’t Let Me Go!

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I have tried so many times just to get You to leave me
I have gone ‘wild’, weird, silent, name it...
I have been very saucy and disobedient
Very unrepentant and unforgiving
So many times I have let You down 
And even walked away unapologetic
It seems like my aim was to ensure that You let me be.
But every time, I feel like I am trying so hard for nothing. 

No matter how hard I refuse You and keep heading out, 
You remain unmoved, confident that You’ll rein me in someday.
You keep searching and going after me like the lost coin. 
This always amazes me!
The truth is that I really want to cling to You and remain there. 
I want to be in You, live in You but oftentimes, my will isn't enough.
It’s like the harder I try, the more I fall and depart from Your presence.
In all these, You just won’t let me go. 
Your mercy and grace is ever refreshing; 
it renews and strengthens me.

How do I quantify or fathom the depth of Your love? 
How do I ever measure up to what You expect of me? 
I keep asking myself, “Can I pull through?” 
I mean, can I live a life that is worthy of Your grace?

However, a word keeps me going. If I were ever worthy, 
I would never have had Jesus. 
Being unworthy of His love, mercy and grace paid off; 
it brought me to Christ’s attention. 
Therefore, no matter who you are, 
struggling to be worthy of Christ’s love, 
you need not hassle. He loves you unconditionally, 
just as you are, but refuses to leave you the way you are. 

And as you come before Him once again at Shiloh 2014;
You will experience ‘Heaven on Earth’ because truly, 
He just won’t let you go!
Indeed, He’s always looking for ways to bless you.
Sophia Ukoni

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