Last Sunday November 2, 2014, the Bishop of the Living Faith Church worldwide, who is also an author, recommended three books for members of the commission as is customary with the ministry. Expectedly, members were urged to take time out to read the books for their spiritual well-being and a right standing in God’s presence. However, the 60-year-old apostle of faith made a passionate appeal to members to ensure the go through the books, especially the titles: “Walking in the newness of life” and “Conquering Controlling Powers.” Being the author of the books and knowing the revelations therein, he was sure of a dramatic turn-around awaits everyone who makes an effort to read the books.
Hear him:

“I want to heartily recommend that every member of this church takes time out to go through these materials,” he said, raising the books to the audience. “Any manipulating demon that may be holding anyone bound, you’re walking into total liberty this month. It is your season of liberty this month.” 
Referring to “Walking In The Newness of Life”, the grandfather pastor said, “go through it prayerfully for immense benefits.”

The three recommended books for the month are Walking In The Newness of Life, Conquering Controlling Powers, and The Blood Triumph. A peep into the content page of “Walking In The Newness of Life”, reveals 11 chapters including:
1.      The horrors of sin 
2.      Agents of sin 
3.      Controlling powers
4.      You can disarm sin
5.      Your God-given tools
6.      Do these also
7.      The money issue 
8.      The rewards of Righteousness 
9.      It’s time for the showers 
10.   Access to the showers  
11.   Keep the rain falling!

As co-travelers in this journey of faith therefore, we at the FT News equally (‘heartily’) recommend that you take time out to read at least one recommended book this month and make it a habit to always do so. Remain blessed.

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